Researching Emerging Technologies and Environments in Support of New Learning Scenarios

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1.International Conference onInformation Technologies (InfoTech-2011)15-16 September 2011, St. St. Constantine and Elena, BulgariaRESEARCHING EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES AND ENVIRONMENTS IN SUPPORT OF NEW LEARNING SCENARIOSMalinkaIvanova, Technical University Sofia, BulgariaSteve Wheeler, University of Plymouth, UKPowerpoint Templates2. Aimthe trends, perspectives and experiences in learning environments building utilizing emerging technologies to be summarized and analyzed3. Emerging technologiesEmerging technology is a media that is coming into view, coming into existence, or coming to commonality 4. It is reshaping the nature of education, transforming classrooms into more engaging, collaborative and productive learning environments 5. instructions can be customized to students specific needs, interests and learning styles 6. It is redefining the way educators teach as well as the role they serve from a source of information to being a guide, facilitator and coach in the learning processSource: Emerging technologiespossibilities to connect three major dimensions of learning resources: learning collaborators, learning content, and learning servicesBlog 8. Wiki 9. Podcast 10. Social Bookmarking 11. Social networking 12. Virtual worlds 13. Mobile educational applications 14. Augmented reality 15. Educationalgames 16. Tablet computers 17. Interactive whiteboards 18. Learnerresponsesystems


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