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2. BASIC CODES AND CONVENTIONSo Soap operas are a continuous TV programme, they run at the same time every week and will have a set number of episodes each week, they will also be showed on the same channel each. This is so the audience always knows when the soap will be on and so they can make sure they get to watch each episode every week. Soaps are often aired at tea time/after tea time, when families are usually together as soap operas can be enjoyed by all ages. o Scripted Realities although a soap opera dont often follow the typical pattern of being a continuous TV programme. They are often filmed in sets of series as the drama is based on real life with real life people not written/fictional characters. This causes for them to not be on TV all the time, but when the series is on TV then it will showed at the same time each week and on the same channel, scripted realities are often shown a little later than traditional soaps as their audience tends to be young adults aged 14-24. 3. o Scripted realities will often be shot around the same places and will based in one particular town/city. Although a number of varying locations may be used within an city or aboard, a establishing shot will be used in order to tell the audience where the action is set, allowing hem to associate the appropriate characters with the setting. o Soap operas are always set in the same location, they often have iconic landmarks within the village/town where they are set, this helps the audience to instantly recognise the soap instantly. They are often pubs as most soaps are set in working class communities, the pub will be an iconic building in which will usually be at the heart of the community. BASIC CODES AND CONVENTIONS o Relationships are based on a group of characters all living together in a particular area, because the soaps are always set in the same place a sense of community is created between the characters. This will cause for very few relationships to involve characters living out of where the soap is set, unless a new character is introduced. 4. o Most soap operas will have storylines that are relatable to the audience, this is so that the audience can engage with the soap or it can be used as a form of escapism due to storylines sometimes being exaggerated to make it more dramatic/comical (especially scripted realities, melodramas and American fantasy). oStory line examples: Crime Pregnancy Relationships Love affairs Murder Drug/alcohol abuse Accident- car crashes, fires etc. General domestic issues Bullying Family arguments BASIC CODES AND CONVENTIONS o Multi-strand narrative: allows for more than one story to be told at one time, each character/set of characters will have a storyline that will develop over each episode. Some may be the main storyline and some may be ones which are still developing, multi-strand narrative allow for soap opera storylines to be continuous as a new storyline line is always being created along with storyline that already 5. MELODRAMA CODES AND CONVENTIONS o I researched all the different types of soap operas so that I could understand the different codes and conventions for each sub-genre of soap operas. I decided to create a melodrama soap as I felt that there was space in the market for a new melodrama soap, but also I felt that it would be easy for me to create as melodramas are very much like realism soaps but with exaggerated drama and comedy to help create a sense of escapism when watching the soap. o By deciding to create a melodrama soap I then had to further research the codes and conventions used in creating this sub-genre of soap, this was so that I could follow the codes and convention when planning, creating and editing my own soap opera trailer. It also meant that I could choose to develop or even challenge these codes and conventions, as I had a deep understanding of what they were and what was normal of a melodrama soap. 6. o Melodrama is a sub-genre of soaps. It is an exaggerated but semi real soap, so it still tires to relate to the audience but can exaggerate certain parts of the drama in order to make it more dramatic or more comical. It is a mixture of humour, farce and over the top drama, because of this is can be used as a form of escapism but the soap is still based on reality. o Melodrama soaps are generally set in England but can still be linked to American fantasy as both can be used as a form of escapism o Storylines are generally similar to those of realism soaps, as melodramas are still meant to be relatable to the audience, however storylines and plots may be exaggerated or more far fetched in order to make the soap more dramatic o Melodrama soaps key aim to provide the audience with soap opera which is linked to real life but also serve as a form of entertainment and escapism o Melodramas generally have a strong regional identity as the action tends to take place in the same town/village, however in some melodramas characters may have different accents as they have travelled from another town in order to live in where the soap is set. MELODRAMA CODES AND CONVENTIONS 7. MELODRAMA CODES AND CONVENTIONSo Hollyoaks is a very famous and very popular melodrama, it has be broadcast since October 1995 by Channel 4, and is currently shown every weekday at 6:30pm. o I decided to look into depth at the codes and conventions used in Hollyoaks as it is a very popular melodrama and one of the very few which is actually shown like a traditional soap and not done by series. Because Hollyoaks is the main melodrama soap opera this means that there would be room for a new melodrama to be showed on TV. 8. o Melodrama soaps will occasionally use non-diegetic music in the background, this will usually be used to add to the drama, either make a scene more intense or comical, but generally diegetic sound will be used to help the soap have a more realistic quality o Costumes will generally be reprehensive of the audiences watching it, however some of the characters may always looked dressed up/more glamorous, especially some of the female characters. This is so that it gives the audience something to aspire to but also something to look at, as they may watch the soap in a sense of escapism. Women appear hyper feminine with made up faces and walk around their homes well dressed in heels, this is not what would happen in reality o Attractive males appear in clothing which accentuates their features, for example, tight fitting shirts o Lighting will generally be kept to a simplistic level, however hi-key/intense lighting may be used in order make a scene more dramatic or comical, extensive lighting may also be used in over exaggerated scenes, such a fire or murder o Editing will be simple in order to make the drama look realistic, however fades may be used or other editing techniques in order to add tension to the soap and make it more dramatic. o High key opening titles are often used with abstract backgrounds representing personality traits of characters, this makes the opening titles dramatic and memorable o Villains and femme fetals villains often appear in dark clothing, femme fetals often wear red lipstick and other striking clothing which is usually a deep red colour connoting danger MELODRAMA CODES AND CONVENTIONS 9. MELODRAMA CODES AND CONVENTIONS Over the shoulder close up is used, this allows for the audience to see the facial expressions of the character but also allows for the audience to feel involved with the conversation theyre seeing on screen High angle long shot is used, this gives the impression that the character is being dominated by their surroundings, that they are lost in their surroundings. The high angle is also used in order to make the character seem smaller enforcing that they are lost and alone within their surroundings Extreme close up is used, this shows the audience clearly the facial expression of the character without the background being seen. This pulls all the focus of the audience onto the character in the frame 10. MELODRAMA CODES AND CONVENTIONSHigh angle mid shot, this shows the audience the character so they can clearly see their facial expressions but also the high angle is used to show the audience that this character is looking down and is of a higher status/has more power than the other the character they are looking at The use of the high angle also makes the scene more dramatic as it adds tension. Low angle mid shot is used again to show the characters facial expressions and part of their surroundings. A low angle is used to the opposite effect of a high angle as it shows that the character is being looked down on also that they are being watched by another character A low angle shot adds tension as it shows that the character may be being watched without them knowing and so adds tension and makes the scene more dramatic Close up of the shoes, this is so that the audience are focused solely on the shoes It adds drama to the scene as it creates the sense of a gang or a group of friends all walking together and could mean a party, or something more dramatic such as a fight 11. MELODRAMA CODES AND CONVENTIONSMid shot is used in order to show the main character stood in the middle but also the two characters behind him, this is done to show the facial expressions and the clothes of the characters, therefore telling the audience that they are at a wedding The main character is in focus centring the audiences focus on him whereas the two behind are out of focus, this makes the scene more dramatic and will cause for the audience to want to know why the other two characters are out of focus Long shot is used to show all the characters in the scene and their cloth