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Promo Campaign

Promo Campaign

Showing the aspect of Dyers theory which talks about stars showing rebellion, youthfulness and substance use. Media emphasises the fact that he is young, new talent. It tries to engage a young audience and target the key market. Dyer talks about how target markets are how the star persona is successfully continued. Both attempt to show him in his natural environment which represents one of the paradoxes as ordinary and down to earth, but also extraordinary because the audience knows hes famous. This attracts a young audience because it shows Jake Bugg as young too, and targets the key audience.Through a medium close-up showing his facial expression, his normal clothes and the lighting, it all combines to create a sense of normality, and a generic pop star image of a young, honest singer songwriter. His dark clothing and dark toned natural lighting emphasises his edgy and rebellious youth image, which is reinforced through the images shown of him and his song lyrics.

Video focuses on youth and rebellion, and the idea of a hard, worked for life. This is shown through mise-en-scene of the graffiti covered objects in the background, and the cramped looking street. Wide angle mid-shot to show his surroundings and place emphasis on his street life and hard youth living. The shot carefully includes the scenery and depicts it as a generically rough looking area, which carefully constructs and supports his image of being from a low background.In this video the relationship between the lyrics and visuals is mainly amplified, however in this still you can see literal aspects too. The lyric another pure grey morning is clearly represented by the black and white wash, and dull grey sky. The black and white editing emphasises his generic star image of being an honest and hard living youth, because it drains the colour and shows it as sad and dull. This supports his running theme throughout his music.His distant stare shows him as absent which is one part of one of Dyers paradoxes. However, his presence on a typical street shows him as down to earth and like any other normal human in that town.The prop of his guitar shows generic characteristics of the indie rock genre, as started in Goodwins theory. Furthermore, the actual use of Jake Bugg in the video also complies with the generic characteristics of an indie rock video. This shows him as using the video to market himself, and therefore complying with the idea of selling his star persona to his target audience. The video is mainly voyeuristic, with the camera following Jake Bugg throughout, this shows him as prevalent and thoroughly markets him to anyone watching the video. Which, could be important if he isnt a generically mainstream artist, because people watching the video might not know who he is.