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UNIT 1 LET'S GET STARTEDBreaking the Ice!Table of Contents:AimsGive personal informationTalk about likes anddislikes.Read online chat & textabout unusual jobsListen to a dialoguefor gist / detail.Write a class contract.Write a personal description.AimsRecognize and use vocabulary (daily routines and household chores).Understand & use Present simple/continuous + -ingPractise pronunciation: sentence stressDevelop students' learning strategies.Integrate & foster key competences.Assess progress & participation in the learning processContentsOral and written skills:Language awarenessSociocultural aspects & intercultural awarenessOral & written skills: listening toA dialogue (hobbies) &identifying sport.5 sentences andwriting themA dialogue & completingsentences with wordsfrom a box.Oral & written skills: oral interactionTalking about rights andduties: class contract.Role-playing dialogue about hobbies.Oral & written skills: oral productionStudents' introduction in EnglishTalking about a memberof your family.Expressing likes and dislikes (hobbies)Oral & written skills: readingA text for gist for unusual jobs.Inferring activities from photos.Online chat & answering True / False& I don't know questionsOral & written skills: writingCompleting a table using personalinformation.Drafting notes fora description.Writing a final version of a description from previous notes.Language awareness:Functions and linguistic exponents:1. Expressing tastes & preferences2. Debating class behaviour rules/modals: can, cannot3. Describing daily activities & household chores.4. Frequency adverbs: present simple &continuousLanguage awareness:Vocabulary:personal information, hobbies, jobs, routines &household chores: go climbing, listen to music,microwave, dishwasher, lay the table, make lunch,lawnmower, etc.Pronunciation: sentence stressLanguage awarenessReflection upon learning:Use of strategies to organise, acquire, remember and use vocabulary and expressions related to thetopics of the unit.Sociocultural aspects & interculturalawarenessReading a text about hobbies, activities & filling the gaps in it.Listening to a recording about Sweden; answering true/false & matching people-activitiesReading a text about Carnegie Hall & matchingpictures/sentencesSTUDENTS ACTIVITIESSESSION 1 A Pact with the Devil A1Lead-in: students and I will introduce ourselves. 15 A2Brainstorming on useful expressions of the English class 10 A3Drafting rights & duties for a class contract to be agreed and signed by everyone 20 A4Listening to a clip about daily activities; matching pictures and words 10SESSION 2 Familiarize with the topicA1Vocabulary Matching sentences & music, leisure activities 10'A2ICTGrammar Identifying grammatical rules: present simple vs. present continuous 20'A3 ICT Vocabulary Household chores + -ing form 10'A4Writing Activities from a list of verbs by including the time you do the activities 15' SESSION 3 Dealing with routines and activities A1Reading a text (online meeting) two friends for gist 10' A2Listening to text again for detail by answering sentences; matching people/activity (T/F) 20'A3 ICT Grammar Matching sentences & daily routinepictures; completing text with verb form 10'A4Writing 4 true sentences & a false one (relatives)Speaking asking if they are true/false 15'SESSION 4 Between Grammar & the Deep blue Sea! A1 Reading a text (daily activities) for gist / detail, answering, matching options 20'A2 Listening Warm up. To a text (household chores),repeating voc. & pronunciation 5'A3 ICT Vocabulary (Verb+ -ing form) Matching household chores with correct room 10'A4ICT Grammar Applying grammatical rules:present simple vs. present continuous 20'SESSION 5 Brush up your knowledge! A1 ICTReading Doing a puzzle (computers),identifying extra letters & writing sentences 10'A2 Grammar Warm up. Completing with ing form,writing sentences, questions(likes &dislikes) 15'A3 Vocabulary Translating words & sentences (biography verbs, hobbies, daily activities) 10'A4 ICT Speaking After writing 4 household chores in a table, asking & answering questions 15' SESSION 6 Enhancing your views & skills A1Reading a text (unusual jobs at N. Ys Carnegie Hall)practicing skimming & scanning 20'A2Listening After reading for detail, answering questions & listening to it to check 15'A3 ICT Grammar Doing a puzzle (household chores) & review of vocabulary The Hangman 20'SESSION 7 Logging, logging, logged! A1Listening to a text (two classmates) for gist; again for detail & fill in the gap 10'A2 Writing 5 sentences after listening to them twice 10'A3 ICT Listening to a dialogue (hobbies) for gistPronunciation of words about tastes 10' A4 ICT Speaking perform a dialogue following model; take part in a new role interaction 25'SESSION 8 Get Cracking! Reinforcing contents Reinforcing contents A1Reading as a warm- up a text about a girls profile &matching activities with paragraphs 10'A2Writing-Final task Completing a table about daily routinesmaking notes & writing profile 25'A3Self-assessment doing check-test of the unit 20'