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Osmo sit 2016

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  • Do You Know OSMO?Leanne Hester, Bramlett Elementary School Jackie Mulkey, Oxford Intermediate School

    SIT 2016

  • What is OSMO?OSMO is a unique gaming accessory &

    5 apps for your iPad.

    The OSMO stand and reflector allow the

    iPad to see the manipulatives placed in

    front of the screen.

  • What makes OSMO great?Instead of playing ON the iPad, students

    are interacting WITH the iPad in a new way.

  • OSMO Apps are FREE!

    - use the tiles with different devices!

    Apps are user-friendly & easy to use!

    OSMO is continually creating new apps

    and updates.

    Quick and easy tech assistance and specific teacher forums - with gifts!

  • App #1: Newton

  • App #1: Newton- Fosters creativity, imagination, and

    problem solving skills for higher order


    - Can use white boards instead of paper

    - Use objects instead of drawing

    - To increase the difficulty have students

    use the same paper and lines they have

    drawn to see if they can still pass levels

  • App #2: Masterpiece

  • App #2: Masterpiece- Fun for an art class or art center

    - Great for a handwriting center

    - Students can convert their photo to drawings

    - Great for ELL students who need to practice writing English

  • App #3: Tangrams

  • App #3: Tangrams

  • App #3: Tangrams- Promotes fine motor skills, problem

    solving, spatial concepts, and math vocabulary

    - Different levels of difficulty

    - Hints for when students get stuck

    - Can be used with small groups of 2 -3

  • App #4: Numbers

  • App #4: Numbers- Counting- uses dot tiles to form a

    number - must use problem solving skills

    - Adding uses number tiles to get sums -

    may use more than 2 tiles

    - Connect uses number tiles to create

    double digit numbers, helps with place


    - Multiplication - uses number tiles to get

    products, introduces algebraic concepts

    - Each depth of ocean has 8 difficulty


  • App #5: Words

  • App #5: Words- The most versatile OSMO app!!!

    - Use pre-loaded groups or make your own

    game using Powerpoint or Keynote

    - Not limited to Words - make slides of

    True/False Questions or Multiple Choice

    - Older students can create their own

  • Simplify 981

    A. 98

    B. 19

    C. 18

  • True or False:The American Civil

    began in Augustof 1861.

    T or F

  • App #6: Coding

    - This is the brand new OSMO app that

    came out 2 weeks ago!

    - We do not have one yet - please enjoy

    the video!

  • App #6: Coding

  • What real students say about OSMO!