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  • 1. Whenever Allah willsSpontaneous Human good for a person ,HeCombution ` subject him to adversity (HR.Bukhori)Atika Sari 006Servantina Bunga 013Windy Refiana 019Erdha Sulistyo 040Haidar Bashofi 047
  • 2. Looking for a hot date? Well, Billy Clifford,a young Englishman, found out that thereare hot dates and then there are hotdates.While he was dancing with hisgirlfriend in a London disco in the late1950s, she suddenly burst into flames.Fire spread from her back to her head andhair. Billy and other dancers tried to putout the flames, but it was too late. the girldied on the way to the hospital.
  • 3. Perhaps the most famous case of SHCwas the 1951 death of Mrs. MaryReeser of St. Petersburg, Florida. Shewas reduced to a small pile of ashes.Yet, her room was left largelyundamaged. Many experts on arsonwere called in to investigate the case.They tried to identify the cause of thefire. None was found. Even the FBIcouldnt come up with anything.
  • 4. Word Contextual Meaning Literal MeaningBurst Meledak MeledakFlames Api ApiEach case Setiap kasus Setiap kasusNearby Dekat DekatUntouched Utuh UtuhPerhaps Mungkin MungkinPile of ashes Tumpuka abu Tumpuka abuUndamaged Utuh UtuhExpert Ahli AhliArson Pembakaran PembakaranNeck bristle Leher bulu Leher buluVague fire Samar api Samar apiNightgown Baju BajuBriefly Secara singkat Secara singkat
  • 5. Fact In Story Fact In True Live Fact In Story Fact In True LiveBilly Clifford, a young Englishman, found October 1938outBilly Clifford,are hot dates and then that there a young Englishman, found Maybelle Andrews and his girlfriendthere are hot dates. hot dates and then out that there are While he was dancing dancing ,suddently there is grabbedwith his girlfriend in a While he disco in the there are hot dates. London was dancing flames from er back,chest,shouderslatewith his girlfriend in a London into flames. 1950s, she suddenly burst disco in the Maybelle.At the time there is no fire late 1950s, she suddenly burst into except in that room just in Mayabelle flames. body.Mayabelle died cause injuries on the way to Hospital Perhaps the most famous case of SHC was January 1939 the 1951 death of Mrs. Mary Reeser of St.Perhaps the most famouswas reduced to a Jack Larber,patient 72 year sunddently on Petersburg, Florida. She case of SHC wasthe small pile of ashes. Yet, her room was left 1951 death of Mrs. Mary Reeser of St. fire after severly minute eat officer tried extinguish but Larber have been died causePetersburg, Florida. She was reduced to a largely undamaged burn stage 3.There is no explanation of thesmall pile of ashes. Yet, her room was left origin of fire but it is known that Larber is alargely undamaged smoker
  • 6. The facts of the case are scary enough to December 1959make the hairs on anyones neck bristle. Billy Peterson was found dead in the front seatMrs. Mary Reeser was a 67-year-old of his car. Initially he allegedly tried to commit suicide due to carbon monoxide poisoning,grandmother and widow. On the evening but his body burned in the pungguBilly ng,of Juli 1, 1951, Mary was prepared for legs and hands. Her flesh was burned but thebed by 9 PM clothes or the front seats are not damaged.At 8 AM, a telegram arrived for Mary. December 1966Mrs. Carpenter signed for it and took it to Dr. J Irving Bentley (92 years old) was foundMarys apartment. Nut when Mrs. dead on the bathroom floor with nearly 90 percent of his body burned except the rightCarpenter got there, she discovered that foot and shoes. When found a strange smell .the doorknob was hot. His house suffered no damage. January 6, 1980 Police and forensic officers found the mans body was burned beyond recognition in her living room. Chair seat and plastic objects around it is hardly damaged and found a layer of meat that evaporate in the ceiling.
  • 7. October 1980A woman named Jenna Winchester burstinto flames while sitting in the car besideher. Recognized his friend he saw a yellowflame comingMarch 24, 1997John OConnor (76 years old) was founddead in the living room with burntposition when sitting in a chair. Whenfound only the head, upper body and legsare still not burned. In addition there is asmall defect in the furniture due to thesmoke.
  • 8. A lot of victim SHC is an alcoholic. Somone who drink alcoholcan get a high level where alcohol in their blood can make burnthem A body of human when touching with fire cigarette can causefire to burn their body. The function of grease in human body issubtanci to burn their body. And then a cloth or hair of victimsfuntion a wick so grease in human body be liquid because thetempertur is hot.. It can be wet cloth and make wick to burn, itcause why their body burn while object in around isnt.. And piecehand and foot can remaining from victims body because thetemperatur level in victims body is high. When their sit down theup body victims became hot be compare their foot. The anlogi likewhen we strike a light