#NHSocialEdu: Melding Collaborative Learning and Social Media

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  • 1. #NHSocialEdu Melding Collaborative Learning withSocial MediaCatherine LukianovCOM 600 Social Media Theory and PracticeApril 18, 2013

2. Join the Conversation#NHSocialEdu Blog Post@LukiKit+Kit Lukianov#NHSocialEduCaLukian@syr.edu 3. Lets Create!ExamTime.com 4. PurposeSocial Media + Education = ?Learneradvise.com 5. Research Questions1. What concepts in collaborative learning overlap withsocial media?2. How can social media be a tool for collaborative learning?Mashable.com 6. What is Collaborative Learning? Working with others Common goal (Dooly, 2008) Students have control over what they learn (Dooly,2008) Improve student learning (Carilli, 2013) Students are actively engaged (Cooper & Boyd, n.d.) 7. Other Learning Environments Peer learning Co-learning Partnered learning Cooperative learning Connected learning Participatory learning www.Vanderbilt.edu 8. Learning Through Collaboration Partnered Learning Partnering with peers, teachers, and others Co-Learning Everyone is an expert 9. Partnered LearningThe idea is that the teacher is not thesmartest person in the room. Theteacher does not have the answers...The room is the smartest person ...weare going to learn together.-Lisa Nielsen @InnovativeEduTheInnovativeEducator.blogspot.com 10. Co-Learning"(It) reflect(s) the idea that all the participants broughtvaluable insights, research, opinions, to whatever the topicwas, even if there was an "expert" involved as well."-Beth Lawton BethLLawton@gmail.com 11. Learning & Collaboration Collision of ideas New perspectives: To make ourselves a bit more critical, more knowledgeable, and more empathetic-Alec Couros @courosaEducationalTechnology.ca/couros/ 12. Goals of learning environments Collaboration Engagement Motivation & Empowerment 13. What can be considered socialmedia?Tools with a social component 14. A Social Medium Can it be used to share content and information? Can people communicate through it? Does it provide access to other individuals? 15. Forbes.com 16. What do social media bring tolearning environments? 17. Access to Information"Independent learners can useaccess to information andcommunication tools to learnoutside the boundaries ofeducational institutions, whichhas never been widely possiblebefore.@hrheingold -Howard Rheingoldrheingold.com 18. Access to Others Connecting with the world -Audio clip Share your passion Transform the community @InnovativeEdu TheInnovativeEducator.blogspot.com 19. Access to Networking Educational networking Embrace the "teachable moment!" BethLLawton@gmail.com 20. True Innovation Connecting in new ways Tools Content Networking Collision of ideas The "Accidental Teacher" NewFrontiersInitiative.blogspot.com@courosa EducationalTechnology. ca/couros/ 21. Learning with social mediaCollaboration, engagement, motivation & empowerment 22. CollaborationParticipation!Students... can perform for each other instead of just theteacher, can co-learn and co-assess their learning. -Howard Rheingold @hrheingold 23. CollaborationStudents are able to connect to a community that ispassionate about helping them learn. -Alec Couros@courosaSocialBusinessNews.com 24. Engagement"The immediacy of technological options such as email andIMing offer me a much higher likelihood of engaginganother person in my learning process."-Beth Lawton BethLLawton@gmail.com 25. EngagementWhen students know that they have the ability to changesomething, they become engaged.-Lisa Nielsen@InnovativeEdu Unitar.org 26. Motivation & EmpowermentThey could write something and the other person could seeit, it was incredible. I couldnt believe how excited thismade the kids.-Lisa Nielsen @InnovativeEdu 27. Motivation & EmpowermentStudents are "blown away by the connection, that someoneis actually reading (their work)... It changes and shapes theway they actually work together."-Alec Couros @courosa 28. Which platform is best? 29. Thank You!#NHSocialEduFor more information, questions, comments: @LukiKit +Kit Lukianov CaLukian [at] syr [dot] edu KitLukianov.WordPress.comCatherine LukianovCOM 600 Social Media Theory and Practice April 18, 2013