Collaborative learning groups

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Designing group work that is both beneficial and meaningful to students is a challenging task for the majority of online instructors. Oftentimes instructors shirk away from assigning group projects, because they believe that group work in particular disciplines, such as mathematics, is greatly ineffective. In this presentation, we will discuss how assigning a collaborative study aid as a group project can help create and foster learning groups, which lead to greater student success.

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2. Overview Group Work Student Perspective Pointless Focused on the product Produces anxiety Instructor Perspective Pointless Focused on the process Produces disappointment 3. The Idea! Make group work meaningful Students make group study aids Not just effort points Both the product and process aremeaningful Students receive individual and group scores Less complaints from students 4. Practice TestPractice Test:Answer#. Full directions#. Full directions Problem Problem Complete Solution(Lots of Space) Answer#. Full directions#. Full directions Problem Problem Complete Solution(Lots of Space) AnswerEtc.Etc.FlashcardsExample:1. Isolate y2. Plug into other equation and solve for x3. Plug x into first equation and solve4. Write the answer as {(x, y)} 5. Chapter Summaries 6. What went wrongEveryone chose practice tests!Pros: Easy to split up contributionsCons: Not all group members contribute Little to no discussion Imbalance of workload Procrastination 7. Lets Re-Think How can we make sure All members contribute Group generates discussion Balance of workload Groups stay on track Collaborative Learning Group 8. Mental Cheat Sheet 9. Textbook SummariesGroup Discussion BoardGroup File ExchangeMental Cheat Sheet 10. Back to main1 Each week, students read the textbook and2 individually write their own summaries on thematerial.3 Math department policy beginning FA11 The process starts outside of the groups Ensures students are reading the textbook4 before discussing the content Student Instructor interaction 11. Back to main 12. Back to main1 They are then required to post in their2 group what information from each of thosesections they believe should be on theirmental cheat sheet.3 Graded weekly (Missing more than oneweek gives you an overall 0 grade)4 All members contribute Keeps the group on track Student Student interaction 13. Back to main 14. Back to main 15. Back to main1 Students use a file exchange to update2 versions of their mental cheat sheet Only leaders of the group compile the3 information Dont have to worry about whether or notothers have participated4 16. Back to main1 One student posts the final product in the file2 exchange so their group members can benefit Posting in the group instead of sending to3 the instructor ensures that everyone hasaccess to it Becomes a study aid for the exam4 17. Back to main 18. Benefits Talk about math concepts (still needswork) Share their struggles and their triumphs Make connections and create supportnetworks Study in smaller chunks before theexam 19. Questions? Samantha Cash TLC (ICE 212E) 447-8953