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Handbook for Media Center Peer Facilitators

New Hampstead Peer Facilitator Handbook

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A handbook created for the media specialist at New Hampstead High School

Text of New Hampstead Peer Facilitator Handbook

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Handbook for Media CenterPeer Facilitators

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Media Center Mission Statement

The media center aims to create an environment that produces information literate lifelong learners who evaluate the reliability and validity of multiple resources to effectively produce and communicate their own knowledge and understanding.

Purpose of Peer Facilitators

The purpose of Media Center peer facilitators at New Hampstead is to augment media center resources by aiding the media specialist and media clerk in performing their daily tasks. This opportunity is intended to encourage responsibility and accountability, as well as provide real-world work experience to the students who are selected to participate.

Rest assured that the work will be interesting and different every day.

Page 3: New Hampstead Peer Facilitator Handbook

Code of ConductYou have been selected to represent the student body as media center peer facilitators. You are required to adhere to the school rules of student conduct, as well as this code of conduct for peer facilitators. Failure to adhere to the rules of conduct will result in a failing grade in this class.

While performing your tasks in the library, please do not engage in horseplay with other students, chew gum, or bring in any food or drinks. You may listen to music while performing your tasks if you use headphones, and other staff or patrons cannot overhear the music. Please use quiet voices at all times while in the media center. You are required to have a hall pass or media center volunteer ID pass whenever you leave the media center on official business.

Above all:•Interact with all library patrons in a polite and professional manner at all times.•Be prepared to work independently, but don’t be afraid to ask questions if necessary.•Use your time efficiently to complete your assigned tasks.

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PrivacyPeer facilitators must adhere to strict privacy rules while working in the media center.

You are prohibited from sharing any private information about any patrons or their work in the media center with anyone. Peer facilitators who fail to follow privacy

rules will be immediately dismissed from the position, receive a failing grade in the class, and will be subject to penalties from the student rules of conduct.

Page 5: New Hampstead Peer Facilitator Handbook

ProceduresWhen you enter the library during your designated class period, please sign-in using the student sign-in computer located in the entrance area of the media center. Please check the box designated “MC Assistant.” Place your personal items on the rolling cart in the Student ID office.

The first thing you should do after you sign in is ask Mrs. Shearer or Mrs. Munden if there are any specific tasks that they have planned for you that day.

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Potential Tasks• assisting with circulation and inventory• making student ID card• placing labels and bar codes on

materials• placing due date cards in professional

library materials• laminating and cutting out items for

teachers• copying materials for staff• collecting work from ISS• posting flyers and information in the

hallways while ensuring that outdated information is promptly removed

• special multimedia projects

Page 7: New Hampstead Peer Facilitator Handbook

Shelving• Check the book cart located on the right side of the circulation desk to see

if there are books that need to be shelved.• Fiction books are shelved in alphabetical order according to the first three letters of

the author’s last name.• Non-fiction books are shelved according to the Dewey Decimal System, in numeric

order AND alphabetical order according to the first three letters of the author’s last name.

Page 8: New Hampstead Peer Facilitator Handbook

Laminating• Turn on the laminator and let it warm up for a few minutes.• Make sure that there is at least six inches of laminating paper

at the back of the laminator to prevent the paper from wrapping around the roll and jamming the laminator.

• Laminate at a slow speed to ensure that the item is straight and laminated correctly.

• Leave a small margin between laminated items to prevent waste, but allow enough room for cutting.

• When finished laminating, allow at least six inches of paper to roll through so that there is enough to prevent the paper from wrapping around the roll for the next patron.

• Deliver completed job to the appropriate teacher and room.

Page 9: New Hampstead Peer Facilitator Handbook

Copying• You will be trained to use the copy machine

when you start the peer facilitator class• When you come in, please check the copy

machine to make sure it has paper• Copy jobs are located in the white crate

located on the far right side of the circulation desk.

• Teachers have included their copy code and any specific instructions for the job on the attached job slip.

• Please place all unusable copies in the recycling box located on the circulation desk.

• Please deliver the completed job to the teacher and room indicated on the job slip.

• If there is a sign on the copier that says “Service Has Been Called,” the copier is not available for use

Page 10: New Hampstead Peer Facilitator Handbook

Printing• You are only allowed to print school documents for students

• Students should print small jobs ONLY- a few pages at most• Use one of the computers at the circulation desk

• Go to “My Computer,” and click “Computer”• Click on the “Student Data” drive• Go to “Media Center Shared” drive• Go to the appropriate job and click “Print”• Select the appropriate available printer

Page 11: New Hampstead Peer Facilitator Handbook

Maintaining the MCHelp staff keep the media center looking sharp!• Check student computer workstations to make sure they are clean and

organized• Check bookshelves to make sure books are pushed to the front and neatly

placed on the shelf.• Make sure chairs are pushed in throughout the media center• Wipe tables and clean up trash as necessary

Page 12: New Hampstead Peer Facilitator Handbook

RubricPerformance (Out of 100) Excellent: 20 Good: 15 Needs Improvement:


1) Punctuality: Absentism/Tardees Always on Time 1-2 Excused Absences-0 Tardies

3 or more absences—have been tardy to class

1) Professional Attire:Compliance of SCCPSS Dress code Policy uniforms; ID badges Visibly Displayed and Mesh or Clear bookbags/8 ½ x 11 inch or smaller purse/handbag)

Meets 3 of 3 Meets 2 of 3 Meets 1 or Less:

1) Professionalism:Interaction with others: (students/staff/visitors and supervisor in Media Center) Positive Attitude towards duties/responsibilities Polite and Courteous Tone in Conversation and body language with others—fellow

students and adults Productively engaged in surrounding environment to support the media

center/school (Promotes school spirit and high level of expectations by setting an example for others to follow)

Understanding and adhering to policies/procedures for school—no infractions outside of peer facilitation class (No ISS, OSS or Detention)

Meets 4 of 4 Meets 3 of 4 Meets 2 or Less

1) Work Ethic: Takes initiative to complete projects without direction; Task/Assigned Projects are completed correctly and in a timely manner; Keeps confidential information private Constantly productive—not sitting around “socializing” with peers or other

patrons Never on personal devices—personal phones, devices or ear buds in your ear; Works Independently but ask for further explanation if directions are not clear

Meets 6 of 6 Meets 5 of 6 Meets 4 or Less

1) Adopt-A-Shelf• Checked shelves 2 times this week for accuracy of organization• Checked shelves 2 times this week for neat display—pushed to the edge of the

shelf/standing up neatly• Shelved books on the cart or laying on top of the tables/chairs or shelf without

back to its proper location

Meets 3 of 3 Meets 2 of 3 Meets 1 or Less

Page 13: New Hampstead Peer Facilitator Handbook

Student Code of Conduct Agreement FormWhen you are finished reading the handbook, please sign and print this page, and give it to Mrs. Shearer or Mrs. Munden.

I, _________________________ have read and understand the Media Center Peer Facilitator Handbook. I agree to abide by the student code of conduct and rules laid out in this handbook so that I may be successful in this class.

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