Natural objects museum 2011

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  • 1. The Super StarsNatural Objects Unit of Inquiry

2. First we wenton a nature walk to find natural objects 3. Then we talked about all the differentthings we could do with a natural objectWe decided we can sort them 4. We can measure them 5. We can draw them 6. We the chose one object we wanted to learn more aboutand came up with some questions to research 7. We brainstormed ways we could answer our questions 8. Learning to use the computers in the library to find books about our natural objects 9. Looking on the computers 10. Watching DVDs 11. Interviewing people and asking them questions 12. After we learned more about our natural objects, wehad to work together to get ready for our museums 13. The day of the museum finally arrived and we had toset up our tables 14. We were very excited to share all we had learned with our many visitors!!!