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  • 1.My favorite
    By : Halima SaifQudaid

2. What is the name of the sport ?
My favorite sport is a basketball .
3. How many people play it ?
Two group in each group have 5 people .
4. Where do they play it ?
They play it in basketball court .
5. What equipment do they need ?
They need ball and basketball court .
6. How do they play count the score ?
In each goal is calculated by a colon .
7. Do you know any famous players of this sport in your country or abroad?
The famous plays of basketball is DowoodHikal .
8. Do you play this sport ? If yes, how often ?
Yes , I played , I play basketball at half hour.
9. Do you watch this sport on TV ? If yes, how often ?
Yes, I watch basketball on TV .