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The two contents pages that I looked at were completely different from each other, which was what I wanted so that I could get a variation of ideas. Billboards contents page is different to Vibes by the amount of information that is put on the page. It has four images and had a table that states the top No1 albums, songs and ect that are out, making their contents page more interactive. Whereas Vibe went for the classy less cluttered look and included only the features of the magazine and one main image of the main artist in a greyscale over tone.There arent many similarities but they both used a black font for the masthead Contents, but both use different style as Vibe has the letters underneath each other and Billboard has a robotic look by having white lines within the lettering.When creating my magazines contents page I decided to use the ideas of both vibe and Billboard. I didnt put too much information on the page but managed to show all the information that would be inside. I did use multiple images as I thought it would look more appealing if readers could see pictures of artists that would be in the magazine. With each image I put the page number inside of it, so people could easily indicate where in the magazine it is going to be.I made sure that I put the name of my magazine Upbeat in the top left corner of the page as I noticed that both magazines did this as Vibe had a large V placed behind the main image and Billboard simply had it on the top half of the left page. However I didnt have my masthead styled in any particular way as I wanted to stay simple because of the bright colour I used in my contents page I didnt want my magazine to cheap.Furthermore I also looked at double page spreads which I noticed that they dont use many colours but stick to a strict colour palette. By using the colours red and black on the artist, as if they are both bringing out their dangerous side. Also the poses that both artists had were very serious and powerful as both artists had an emotionless expression on their face.

Continuation of Evaluation from Xtranormal link . When I looked at one of the double page spreads I liked the way they used multiple images of the artist in the background, to show their personality and made it in black and white, so it seemed as if it was the personality we didnt know about. Then with the other magazine I liked the fact that the main image had the whole left side of the page, so readers attention drew straight to the artist as she was an international well known singer. When creating my double page spread I wanted to use the ideas of both of these magazines had, so I made sure the right side of my double page spread main focus was my artist. Which I used four different pictures of her doing different poses to show different sides of her personality. I kept the colour of the images instead of putting them in black and white as I still wanted my magazine to be different to other competitors. When looking at the text of both of them I noticed that their text was positioned the same as they are both going vertical. However, I decided to have a different approach and made my text go horizontal and vertical with quotes inside them. I thought this made my text look a lot more fun as my pictures showed the same theme and I wanted that to come across the whole of the two pages. I created this theme further by not using the colour red but sticking with the colours Green, White and Black.In my research I was able to look at press packs and noticed how interactive they were and how the magazine companies managed to have websites, Facebook pages, Twitter and etc, So that they can reach everybody in the world. In my proposal I discussed how I wanted to do the same thing so I made sure that I included website in my magazine so that this can be done.

On my Blogger I put five questions up so that I was able to get feedback from people so I could see who they thought my magazine was targeted and how particular social groups are represented. When deciding on what age range they believed that my magazine was targeted at overall the age range was between 18-25 year olds. Which Im very pleased at. My main goal was 16-20 year olds so that result is still in my age range. They decided it was for a male and female audience but made further comments that they thought it was more on the female prospect than male because of the colour scheme. But as I had images of male artists on my contents page this took this aspect away. Furthermore they put the magazine in the category that it will be targeted at upper class and possibly working class. They believed this from the layout of the magazine as there wasnt much information on the front page and contents page, this made it very formal. This is a positive light on the social group as its where I wanted my magazine to be targeted at , which I stated In my proposal. On the overall appearance of my model and what she is wearing, I think that she does represent the upper class social group because of her designer furry jacket that she is wearing and because the magazine would be published in December she will be in that months fashion trend.From the clothing of what my models are wearing than their location, this reflects more of the social group as one of my models is trying to target the females with a flowing yellow dress. Then my male models have a strong pose looking down attracting the male and female audience.

My magazine would be a mass market product even though its social group is for upper class and working class. As the content of my magazine doesnt just have information on music even though 80% of it is .There is 20% of it being about lifestyle as well, so it gives the chance for readers to look and feel like a celebrity. Which I hope would widen the amount of readers as the other 80% is split up into different sections of the R&B industry explaining the latest news, events and little bits of gossip that may be going around. This would make mine a mass market product than a niche market as theres content in my magazine for everyone.To make sure that I was right with this decision, I did some more independent research and I made sure that my target group agreed with this and asked them to read my draft of my journalism for my double page spread. I wanted to see if they enjoyed it, that they would actually read it and too see how I could make it better for them. They all believed that it was something that they would read as they are always interested when artists make new albums or are making a comeback.