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Math: Venn and Carroll Diagrams

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2. A simple drawing using lines to explain where something is, how something works,etc. 3. To put something somebody in a particular place or position. 4. A group or type of people or thing that are similar in a particular way. 5. numbers that can be divided exactly by two. 6. Numbers that cannot be divided exactly by the number two. 7. structure Do and Does 8. Short Answers with Do and Does Sample QuestionsShort Answer (Affirmative)Short Answer (Negative)Do you speak English?Yes, I do.No, I don't.Do I need a you both dictionary?Yes, you do.No, you don't.Do they speak English?Yes, they do.No, they don't.Does he speak English?Yes, he does.No, he doesn't.Does she speak English?Yes, she does.No, she doesn't. 9. Question Words with Do and DoesThe order for making sentences with Questions words is the following: Question Word Do/DoesSubjectVerbWhatyouhave for breakfast?doWhatdoesshehave for breakfast?Wheredoyoulive?Whendoyoustudy?Howdoyouspell your name? 10. Activity 11. Direction1. Make a group of 6. 2. There are 5 groups. purple, orange, green, blue, pink 3. Teacher gives the nametags to each group. 4. Two nametags per person. 5. There is a board for each group to stick the nametag that you get. 6. Students read the sentences in the Power point. 7. Teacher count 1 2 3 8. Student has to stick the correct nametag in the correct set of diagram. 9. Which group stick the nametag first will get 1 point. 12. Jessica lives in Korea, so she studies Korean and English at her school. But she thinks she will study French next month. 13. Jennie studies French at school and Korean with Lee Dong Hae. 14. Luzy studies French for going aboard next month. 15. Nuy always go to language academic to study English and French with Beam, Tong, and Fairly. 16. Minnie has a job in an international company, so she has to study English for her job. 17. Victoria ia a clever girl. She studies English and French. Especially, she studies Korean with Taeyeon. 18. Kathy and Aiw go to Korea today to study Korean language at Seoul University. 19. Teacher: What languages do you study Yuri? Yuri: I study only English. Teacher: Do you want to study Korean? Yuri: No, I dont. 20. The answer is 21. Activity 22. Direction 1. Work in pair.2. Put the correct number into the correct diagram. 23. 149 24. Activity 25. Direction1. Interview your classmate. You can choose more than one or only one . 2. Make a diagram from the information youre got 26. What superhero do you like? spidermansupermanChiwawaRonultraman