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Venn / Euler Diagrams

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Venn / Euler Diagrams. 6 Sets. 7 Sets. 11 Sets. Euler Diagram. Radial Sets. 35 Sets. Attribute. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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TimeBench A Data Model and Software Library for Visual Analytics of Time-Oriented Data

Elements are usually grouped in sets that overlap.1

Elements are usually grouped in sets that overlap.2

Elements are usually grouped in sets that overlap.3Venn / Euler Diagrams

6 Sets7 Sets11 SetsDepicting these sets using an Euler diagram does not scale in the number of sets.


Radial SetsEuler Diagram Radial Sets is a new technique to visualize overlapping sets.535 Sets

It can fit about 30 sets and show how they overlap using arcs,6

Attributeshow how an attribute of the elements is distributed in different overlaps.7

and enable interactive selection of the elements based on their set memberships and attributes.8

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