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Datos bsicos sobre algunos pases de Europa para trabajar Conocimiento del Medio (ingls) en 3 de Primaria


<ul><li> 1. Lets explore EUROPE<br />3 de Primaria<br />CRA Valle del Bullaque<br />ElRobledo - Pueblonuevo<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Lets explore EUROPE<br />BELGIUM<br />Capital city:Brussels<br />Total area:30 528 km<br />Population:10.7 million<br />Currency:euro<br />Languages:German,French,Dutch<br /> 3. Lets explore EUROPE<br />FRANCE<br />Capital city:Paris<br />Total area:550 000 km<br />Population:64.3 million<br />Currency:euro<br />Language:French<br /> 4. Lets explore EUROPE<br />GERMANY<br />Capital city:Berlin<br />Total area:356 854 km<br />Population:82 million<br />Currency:euro<br />Language:German<br /> 5. Lets explore EUROPE<br />ITALY<br />Capital city:Rome<br />Total area:301 263 km<br />Population:60 million<br />Currency:euro<br />Language:Italian<br /> 6. Lets explore EUROPE<br />SPAIN<br />Capital city:Madrid<br />Total area:504 782 km<br />Population:45.8 million<br />Currency:euro<br />Language:Spanish<br /> 7. Lets explore EUROPE<br />UNITED KINGDOM<br />Capital city:London<br />Total area:244 820 km<br />Population:61.7 million<br />Currency:pound sterling<br />Language:English<br /> 8. Lets explore EUROPE<br />NEDERLANDS<br />Capital city:Amsterdam<br />Total area:41 526 km<br />Population:16.4 million<br />Currency:euro<br />Language:Dutch<br /> 9. Lets explore EUROPE<br />PORTUGAL<br />Capital city:Lisbon<br />Total area:92 072 km<br />Population:10.6 million<br />Currency:euro<br />Language:Portuguese<br /> 10. Lets explore EUROPE<br />SWEDEN<br />Capital city:Stockholm<br />Total area:449 964 km<br />Population:9.2 million<br />Currency:krona<br />Language:Swedish<br /> 11. Lets explore EUROPE<br />POLAND<br />Capital city:Warsaw<br />Total area: 312 679 km<br />Population: 38.1 million<br />Currency: zloty<br />Language:Polish<br /> 12. The euro<br />The euro plays a big role in all of our lives.<br />We need money to eat, buy clothes, take holidays, to rent or buy a house and run our cars.<br />During one persons lifetime they will use many thousands of euros in total.<br />One side of euro coins is the same in all countries : its thecommon side.Shows different maps of the European Union.The other side has a different design depending on the country . We call it thenational side.The designs on the national sides are very different but they usually show some aspect of the country's history, art or nature.<br /> 13. Languages<br />Official:<br />Bulgarian,Czech,Danish,Dutch, English,Estonian,Finnish,French, German,Greek,Hungarian,Irish, Italian,<br />Latvian,Lithuanian,Maltese, Polish,Portuguese,Romanian, Slovak,<br />Slovene,Spanish, Swedish.<br />Semi-official:<br />Catalan,Galician,Basque,<br />Scottish Gaelic, Welsh.<br /></p>