Kiva Clubs - small change can make a big difference

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<ol><li> 1. SMALL CHANGECAN MAKE A BIGDIFFERENCE.MICRO LOANING TO THOSE INNEED </li><li> 2. MAKING A LOANTHE PROCESS </li><li> 3. FUNDRAISING METHODSEMPHASIS ON SMALL .5, .10 .25, .50, 1.00 Direct student to student/staff (pennies, nickels, dimes, etc )$50+ Christmas/Holiday candy canes with miniature Kiva flyers - $65+ Valentines Day chocolate heart raffle $40+ Lucky Easter Egg (TBA) </li><li> 4. PROSCONSGLOBALDONOR FATIGUEAWARENESS DONOR TOSELF SUSTAINING BORROWER GAPFINANCIAL NO INTEREST ($)LITERACYEARNEDSPIN OFFCLUB SIZE /ACTIVITIESERRATICMEETINGS </li><li> 5. CLUB SUSTAINABILITY </li><li> 6. ACMS KIVA CLUB @ WORDPRESSLINK ABOVE TO LOANS MADE BY ACMS BULLDOGS </li><li> 7. CLUB ACTIVITIES - WHAT TO DO WITH 12+ STUDENTSFOR ONE HOUR EACH WEEK! Making loans Fundraising throughout the school Maintaining scrolling announcements Maintaining Kiva Club bulletin board Making loans Viewing educational videos Researching country statics Brainstorming fundraising activities </li><li> 8. THE LOAN PROCESS Our $25 LoanKIVA.ORG Local Bank Local Bank Local EntrepreneursKIVA.ORG ACMS KIVA CLUB </li><li> 9. ESSENTIAL STANDARDS!7 TH G R A D E8 TH G R A D E7.E.1.4 8.E.1.2Explain how personal financialUse economic indicators (e.g. decision-making impacts GDP, inflation and quality of life (e.g. credit, savings, investing, borrunemployment) to evaluate owing and giving).the growth and stability of the economy of North7.H.2 Carolina and the United States.Understand the implications of global interactions. 8.E.1.36th Grade Explain how quality of life is6.E.1.2impacted by personal financial choices (e.g.Explain how quality of life is credit, savings, investing, borr impacted by economic choicesowing and giving). of civilizations, societies and regions. </li><li> 10. TEACHING TOOLSGRAPHIC LINKED TO TEACHING TOOL </li><li> 11. KIVA CLUB - CONNECTING THE WORLDInspirational Video</li></ol>