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  • 1. Honors Advising For Juniors
  • 2. Changes in Advising System Our goal in the Honors College is to: Know each student individually by having students complete interest forms that we keep on file and by appointing an advising coordinator for each class level to whom students can reach out on an individual basis Ensure consistency and thoroughness in our advising of Honors students by holding group advising sessions for each class level Reduce redundancy in advising that occurs when students must see both an honors advisor and a major advisor by not requiring individual meetings with an honors advisor Provide students with the opportunity to share with each other ideas and opportunities in certain areas of study by providing for small group discussion time during group advising sessions
  • 3. General Information To remain in good standing in the Honors College you must have a GPA of 3.2 or greater by May 2014. If your GPA is or close to 3.2, you will have to concentrate on bringing your GPA up to 3.40 by the end of your senior year in order to graduate from the Honors College. Dr. Ganaway and Dr. FoldsBennett will review mid-term grades this semester and next and contact you if they think you are in jeopardy of losing your honors status. All information you need about advising, forms for advising, and petitions for exceptions to requirements can now be found on: The Hub - http://blogs.cofc.edu/honorshub/ Your advising sheets must be turned in to the Honors Center by March 17. Priority registration takes place according to the chart on the next slide -if you have turned in your signed advising sheet.
  • 4. Registration Times for Fall 2014 Early Registration for Fall 2014 begins on Tuesday, March 25, for all currently enrolled students by assigned entry time. The entry time schedule is based on the hours that you have earned. This does not include the hours in which you are currently enrolled. Hours Day/Date 106-122+ Tuesday, March 25 90-105 Wednesday, March 26 Athletes with less than 90 hours Thursday, March 27 and Friday, March 28 Honors students with less than 90 hours Wednesday, April 2 and Thursday, April 4
  • 5. Advising Strategies for Spring College of Charleston General Education Requirements: 4-semester language requirement 2 Humanities beyond Western Civilization 2 Social Sciences 2 Semesters of the same Lab Science Math 120 and 200-level Math class Honors Graduation Requirements: A minimum of 3 additional Honors courses one of which must be interdisciplinary Independent Study (3 credit hours) Bachelors Essay (6 credit hours) 3.40 GPA If you have made strong progress towards completing gen ed, Honors, and major requirements, you may consider adding a minor, studying abroad, or doing research beyond the minimum required. Students who complete 12 hours of research are eligible to get the designation of Departmental Honors at graduation.
  • 6. Your Independent Study The Independent Study is an individual enrollment class. If you have not completed or if you are not enrolled in your Independent Study now, please see your Honors Advising Coordinator to discuss your plans. It is possible to complete the Independent Study over the summer but you must enroll and pay tuition for any credits earned in the summer. Please be aware that many departments (including Honors) require that you complete the paperwork for the independent study the semester before you enroll for credit. You must be enrolled by the Independent Study enrollment deadline of the semester you plan to receive credit (typically a week after the Drop/Add period. It is your responsibility to be aware of any departmental deadlines and requirements.
  • 7. Using Internships to fulfill the IS Requirement In many disciplines it is professionally and personally beneficial to complete an internship or even two for credit At the completion of the internship, you may apply for it to count as the IS requirement for the Honors College provided that it appears on your transcript The petition for an internship to count as an independent study can be found on The Hub. Please review it before you enroll in the internship so that you are fully aware of the requirements for it to count toward the Honors requirement. You must submit your petition within six weeks after the completion of your internship Be aware that if you complete an internship or independent study in the summer, you must be enrolled for credit, pay tuition, and get the petition approved by the Honors College, to have it count toward your Honors requirement
  • 8. Nationally Competitive Awards: Coming Up Fulbright Success: This year, we had 7 Fulbright finalists out of 13 applicantsup from 7 applicants and 4 finalists last year. Are you next? As a junior, you should consider the following: Rotary Global Grants: 30K Minimum scholarship for 1-year overseas MA (any country). If your work focuses on politics (peace and conflict), development, health, literacy, or water & sanitation, please look into this award. DEADLINE APRIL 1 Fulbright: Overseas research, graduate study, or English Teaching Assistantships (multiple countries, any field). Apply in early fallkeep your eyes open for spring info session on fall awards. Marshall, Rhodes, Mitchell: Graduate study in the UK. Apply in early fall. National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship for those pursuing a Ph.D. in the hard or social sciences: 32K + / Year for three years. Apply in early fall.
  • 9. NCA: Reflect, Plan, Pursue Applying for national awards requires thoughtful and strategic reflection and preparation. Always ask yourself: where do I want to be and what do I have to do to get there? What makes a successful application? o Key academic and research experiences: get to know your professors o Sustained campus and community involvement motivated by a desire to bring about change: be a leader o Professional experience in your field: research and/or internships o A clear sense of how all of those things map onto your core values and your future goals. Do everything you can now to be a convincing applicant for these awards in the future. Set your sites on a particular award and orchestrate your various engagements and activities around that goal. Meet with Dr. Vander Zee, NCA director to discuss your plans early in the process.
  • 10. NCA: Whats Your Award? Go to nationalawards.cofc.edu and review the awards listed on the NCA Awards Search and News link. You will also find information there on how to strategically ask for letters of recommendation, how to compose a personal essay, and more. Fill out the Applicant Profile form on the NCA website form so the director of NCA will have you on his/her radar. Contact Dr. Vander Zee at nationalawards@cofc.edu to discuss your plans. Get ready for Fulbright and other fall awards and remember to pay attention to announcements for upcoming NCA info sessions!
  • 11. The Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities The URCA office provides funding for faculty and students to pursue scholarly work in the discipline during the academic year and the summer. Go to http://urca.cofc.edu/ for more information. You can receive funding for the actual research and also to present results of research at a conference. The deadlines for grant projects being completed this academic year and in Summer 2014 have passed but check this site for information about applying for grants next year. NSF, MUSC, and other organizations offer support for research during the summer. Info can be found on URCA website on the Grant Information page
  • 12. Study Abroad Many of you have studied abroad or plan to study abroad this summer. With careful planning you could also study abroad in your senior year. Pay careful attention to courses that you take now, making sure that you avoid classes that might be offered during a study abroad program. It is sometimes possible to use an away course to count towards an honors elective, the honors interdisciplinary class, or the independent study. Check with Dr. Ganaway or Dr. Folds-Bennett before you leave to make sure you understand what would be required. You must petition for this within 60 days of returning to campus. The petition can be found on The Hub.
  • 13. Mentoring Opportunities The Hub is a great place to learn about internship and mentoring opportunities. The Honors College often receives requests for interns specifically from the Honors College. The Honors College is coordinating a series of mentoring groups. The first, a pre-law group, kicked off in November. Stay tuned to The Hub for information about other mentoring groups forming. Rsums you should have an updated, professional resume that you can quickly send to prospective employers and for internships. Your Honors Advising Coordi