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A powerpoint on James Buchanan, the greatest, most sadly underrated president we've ever had.

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  • 1. JAMES BUCHANAN Usually only glorified as being our15th chief executive, few take the timeto examine that Buchanan was an uncannily sharp dresser.

2. Graduate of Dickinson College, gifted in debateand well-versed in law Elected to H.O.R. 5 TIMES!!! Ambassador to Russia Served in Senate for 10 years (the best 10 yearsthey ever had) Secretary of State to James K. Polk Pierces Minister to Great Brtitain 3. AS AMBASSADOR TORUSSIAWas appointed by Andrew Jackson in 1832 (good move!)His God-like negotiating skills scored us a Maritime TradeTreaty with Russia while Buchanan toured in St. Petersburg.Still think he didnt do anything, Mr. Graeme? 4. Secretary of State to James K. Polk Buchanan ran for president against Polk, but becauseAmerica was intimidated, and not yet ready for somuch handsome-ness to be in charge, Polk won, andappointed Buchanan as Sec. of State in 1844 During a time when U.S. was acquiring new territory 5. Sec. Of State Under Polk (cont.) Buchanans facilitated the acquisition of Texas, and brokered the Oregon Treaty of 1846, which averted the threat of war with Britain and resulted in the Northwest boundary between U.S. and Canada 6. JAMES K. POLKJAMES BUCHANAN Mullet Clearly the more handsome Big ears and caveman-ish of the twoforehead Devil-may-care hairstyle Mullet Strong, Presidential chin Sympathetic eyes 7. But you can onlykeep a hero down forso long 8. Strategy: Buchanans Brilliance Appointed Minister to Britain under Pierce This allowed Buchanan to stay clear of politicalcontroversies regarding slavery (Kansans-NebraskaAct) and return with an untarnished reputation. While politicians at home were engrossed in suchreputation-compromising controversies, Buchanancame home with his in pristine form 9. Qualifications Untarnished Politicalreputation Sense of Style Awesome Hair Dashing good looks Courage Devilishly handsome bachelor Sterling Political andeducational background 10. Ran against the far less competent Republicancandidate John C. Fremont, and the Whig-American candidate Millard Fillmore. Due to his political reputation, history ofcompromise, spectacular oratory skills, andrespect for Southern states position on slavery(another excellent move strategically) He was the obvious choice for president, andwas elected in 1857 11. The Golden Age: ThePresidency of JamesBuchanan James Buchanans Presidential Strategy: Stay out of it Wanted America to draw on its internalstrengths, believed that the nation would benefitand become stronger by dealing with its problemswith as little Presidential interference or help aspossible Wanted to deal with the issue by balancingsectionalism and having the law interpreted as theConstitution and Supreme Court dictated it But of course, the nation was becomingincreasingly divided over the issue of slavery, andJames had to get involvedor did he? 12. Buchanan was forced to deal with the issue of Kansasbeing entered as either a slave or free state Buchanan took a pro-slavery stance, thinking only for thegood of the nation This drew hatred and criticism from Abolitionists, namelyStephen Douglas This was a minor blunder in a large history of excellentachievements After Kansas entered the union as a free state in 1861,Buchanan changed his views to support popularsovereignty, wanting the states to solve this issuethemselves, but this did little to calm the nation after theRaid on Harpers ferry, and Buchanans reputation wasrendered unfairly ruined politically 13. I like the noise of Democracy-James Buchanan To avoid entangling alliances has been a maxim ofour policy ever since the days of Washington, and itswisdom no one will attempt to dispute. JamesBuchanan What is right and what is practicable are twodifferent things. James Buchanan Buchanan acknowledges an intellectual debt-Thomas J. DiLorenzo Im glad hes not single, cause Im gonna climb thatlike a tree. Megan from Bridesmaids 14. SOURCEShttp://moscow.usembassy.gov/ministers-and-ambassadors.htmlhttp://www.netstate.com/states/peop/people/pa_jb.htmhttp://www.biography.com/people/james-buchanan-9230228http://answers.yourdictionary.com/biography/which-president-never-married.htmlhttp://www.whitehouse.gov/about/presidents/jamesbuchananhttp://www.digitalhistory.uh.edu/database/article_display.cfm?HHID=333http://mises.org/journals/rae/pdf/rae4_1_6.pdfhttp://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/j/james_buchanan.html


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