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This is an introduction to UML (Unified Modeling Language) given to people whom has no background on business modeling using UML. This is based on UML version 2.

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  • 1. Training on UML and usingEnterprise Architect (Basic UML and EA)by: Nurul Haszeli AhmadMatrix Power Network Sdn.Bhd 30 July 2012

2. Introduction to UMLUML Methods and Process Using EA to Design UMLPracticalQ&A 3. Introduction to UML UML Methods and Process Using EA to Design UMLPracticalQ&A 4. ModelingWhy Modeling?4 5. Why Modeling? Modeling will: Captured and simplified requirements Visualize the entire systems and process in an easy to understand diagram Specified the process, features, or functionality of the entire systems Eventually, modeling will: Sharpen user understanding on fundamental processes Allowed user to compare alternative Help to make decisions and improve system behavior Provide a guidelines for future enhancement Reduce unnecessary risk. 5 6. The HistoryJames RumbaughIvar Jacobson Grady BoochThe Storybegins . OMG6 7. The Time Series7 8. Introduction to UMLUML Methods and Process Using EA to Design UMLPracticalQ&A 9. Latest version14 sets of is 2.4.1 (Augustdiagrams 2011)Listed inModeling and 10. The 14 Structure Behavior Diagram DiagramComposite Profile DeployPackage Use CaseState Machine StructureDiagramDiagram Diagram DiagramDiagram DiagramComponent ObjectAktivitiInteractionClass Diagram Diagram Diagram DiagramDiagram Sequence Comm.Diagram Diagram Interaction TimingOverviewDiagram Diagram10 11. Structural Diagram1. Class Diagram2. Component Diagram3. Object Diagram4. Profile Diagram5. Composite Structure Diagram6. Package Diagram7. Deployment Diagram 11 12. Class Diagram12 13. Component Diagram13 14. Object Diagram 14 15. Profile Diagram15 16. Composite Structure Diagram16 17. Package Diagram17 18. Deployment DiagramNetwork architecture of theInstance level deploymentSpecification level deploymentImplementation/Manifestationsystemdiagramof components by artifacts 18 19. Behavior Diagram Describe the events in the system Shows interactions of elements 3 types of diagrams: Use Case Activity State Machine19 20. Use Case Diagram 20 21. Activity Diagram 21 22. State Machine Diagram Behavioral StateProtocol State Diagram Diagram 22 23. Interaction Diagram Subset of Behavior 4 types of diagram Sequence Communication InteractionOverview Timing23 24. Sequence Diagram 24 25. Communication Diagram25 26. Interaction Overview Diagram 26 27. Timing Diagram 27 28. Which Diagramto used?28 29. PhasesRequirement Analysis Design Coding DeployDiagramsClassClass Component ObjectObject Profile Composite StructurePackage Deployment Use CaseUse CaseActivityActivityState MachineSequenceSequence CommunicationInteraction Overview Timing 29 30. Introduction to UMLUML Methods and Process Using EA to Design UMLPracticalQ&A 31. Introduction to UMLUML Methods and Process Using EA to Design UMLPracticalQ&A 32. ScenarioScenario 1Your team has been hired as software integrator to provide an application that stores various substations documents in a server. The application shall have at least two type of users of which one type of user is allow accessing all applications features whereas the other user is allow to access limited features. The application shall be able to store documents, perform folder and document manipulation (print, upload, download, etc). You are required to perform business analysis and create at least one of UML diagram.Scenario 2Your team is required to perform analysis and design a system that able to interrogate primary and secondary equipments condition (including health, status, and performances) in a substation. Perform business process analysis and using Enterprise Architect to design UML diagram that will explain the detail of the process, activities, and entities involves in the system.Scenario 3A new application that runs on web is required to enable engineers to perform analysis on fault and disturbance records. The applications shall be able to download complete records automatically upon engineer click on the fault information display on the screen and shall be automatically display the wave signal captured in the recorded files. The application shall allow user to perform analysis such as fault identifications, fault locations, etc. Your team is required to design a UML diagram to describe the overall process or activities that will be implemented in the applications.32 33. References1.CDAC, UML: An Introduction. *online+ Access from on 05th July 2012.2.Quatrani, Terry (Rational). Introduction to the Unified Modeling Language. *online+. Access from Access on 05th July 2012.3.The Free Dictionary. Modeling Definition. *online+. Access from on 05th July modeling. *online+. Access from Access on05th July 2012.5.TechTarget. Data Modeling. *online+. Access from Access on 05th July 2012.6.Ambler, Scott, W. UML 2 Use Case Diagrams. *online+. Access from Access on 07th July 2012.7.OMG. 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