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Presentation for library staff on January 6, 2014, introducing the website redux project.


  • 1.RE DUXUniversity of Arizona Libraries | January 6th, 2014

2. REreenvision rethink rework refocus reenergize redo revitalize rebrand redesign reorganize rearchitect rebuild reconside rewrite reconnect redefine rRE-DIGITAL USER EXPERIENCE 3. Lets step back and reenvision what were trying to do.Goals: How the website addresses user needs. 4. Content Focused The content that is most important to users is obvious and findable.refocusreorganizerewrite 5. Accessible Users can easily access content (that we have control over) from (almost) any device, or at least the top 10 devices used.Rebuild responsively and responsibly. 6. Usable Users can easily navigate the website and complete their most important tasks in an intuitive way.Rebuild and rearchitect with our users in mind. 7. FindableReorganize and rearchitect. 8. Familiar Users find the navigation, layout, search functions, and other elements comfortable and familiar. They intuitively know how to use these elements.Redesign with familiarity in mind. Dont try to be too clever. 9. Engaging Reenergize our content.Users find fresh and interesting content that gets them excited about the library.Cool! 10. UnderstandableUsers can easily understand content, including navigation elements, microcopy, and page body content.Rethink and rewrite as much content as possible. 11. CredibleRework our processes and rewrite our content so it is current, accurate, and consistent. 12. Human Users enjoy using the website and have a sense that the library is a friendly and helpful place.Rebrand ourselves as personable, helpful human beings. 13. Now we know what were trying to do, lets refocus with some grounding principles to get us there.Principles: What we are going to do. 14. Clearly define our audience and tasks.Lets refocus. Who are our users and what are they trying to do? 15. Content first, design second. Our design will be clean, simple, and stay out of the way of the content. The design will focus attention on the content and enhance the user experience, rather than attracting attention to itself.Rethink what we mean by redesign. 16. Make it easy & fun for content managers.We will reenvision the work of the content manager. 17. Make it easy & fun for the developer, too.We will pay attention to the developer experience, making it easy to maintain and fun to work on.We will reenergize the work of the developer. 18. Build and plan for proactive maintenance.Only create what we can maintain. 19. Get stakeholders on board.Lets get reenergized! < Hes jazzed. Are you jazzed? You. Yes, you! 20. Provide training and resources.You are not alone. Well walk you through this.We will redo a bunch of documentation. 21. Take the time to redo it right.Be thoughtful about integrations. 22. Follow accessibility standards.rework, rewrite, reorganize 23. Create design elements that are modular and reusable. 24. Create measurable success criteria.Rethink how we measure our progress towards goals. 25. Integrate engaging content.Reenergize and revitalize our web presence. 26. Share.Adapt other solutions & share our own. 27. Our web presence is just one of many touch points. Sample user journey: requesting & checking out a book on hold Visits websiteSearche s catalogRequest s bookReceives text messageReceives emailVisits library and follows signageGoes to hold shelfWell rethink the overall user experience. We wont ignore the other things.Checks out book with express checkout 28. The Scope: Just how big is this thing? 29. Feedback formDatabase of databasesDatabase of tutorialsVideo votingHoursNews & eventsStaff directoryDigital collections pageFormmailMain Drupal siteMini-apps embedded in DrupalOver a dozen separate applications that feed into our site. We plan to rebuild all of these, mostly in Drupal. 30. Well also do some customization with these:Catalog Illiad Summon 31. We wont do anything with these (except maybe branding changes): Library Tools tabeSlip360 LinkEjournal PortalLesson LinkSpecial Collections websiteRepositoriesOnline ExhibitsData ManagementSouthwest EtextsCode.libraryIntranet 32. As far as these, its hard to say: Library Resource Organizer (LRO)LibAnswersGovernment Documents websiteGiving to the Libraries website 33. The Work: The specifics we plan to do. 34. Conduct user research. Gather stakeholder feedback. Create personas. Identify primary audience segments & tasks. Establish identity. 35. Get a handle on our content. Define major content types. Tackle applications and plan for integration. Build structured content. Plan for content workflows and create new standards. 36. Develop information architecture and navigation. Create standard design elements. Identify global items. Design the homepage. 37. Work on content management process.Work with content managers to update, delete, and create new content. 38. Continue to update our content strategy. Continue to update and develop content.Conduct usability testing. Lots of it. Make tweaks. Lots of them. 39. Prepare for launch. Prepare for postlaunch. Launch. 40. The People: Which lucky individuals get to work on this massive project. 41. Ginger Bidwell Technical Leadarchitects site, creates Drupal theme, deploys Drupal modules, structures content, creates documentationMike Hagedon Web and Application Developerintegrates external applications into new site, determines how to handle applications, builds Drupal modules 42. Gabriel Luethje Design Leadcreates elegant and usable CSS, fonts, and colors, designs tiered pages and navigation, uses responsive design techniquesShoshana Mayden Web Content Strategistreviews and updates content audit, writes and edits content, designs content workflows, organizes trainings 43. Gabrielle Sykes-Casavant Director of Marketing & PRcollaborates with content strategist, considersother channels of communication, ensures branding alignment, establishes messagingAndrew See (sort of) Public Services Rep. Website Steering Group attends weekly meetings, brings public services perspective to discussions 44. Nevin Kohler Graduate Assistant User Research Specialist focuses on user research, surveys, usability testing, card sorts, Google Analytics Monique Perez Student Workerfocuses on usability testing, documentation, and bringing the undergrad voice to our discussions 45. Rebecca Blakiston Website Product Managerfacilitates meetings, assigns/tracks/coordinates tasks, coordinates communicationYou! Whoever you are. attends presentations, shares ideas, contributes feedback 46. Lets reconnect.The communication: how youll know whats going on. 47. Monthly brown bags. Well share updates the first Monday of the month,121pm All staff is invited. 48. Monthly idea jams with all content managers.Led by Shoshana.Topics will focus on revitalizing our content strategy. 49. Redmine is your friend. Sign in with NetId: Watch tasks, add notes, & communicate. 50. Point People. We will be contacting many of you as we go through the work. Point people are being assigned to things.Thanks in advance for helping us out! 51. What weve done: Things are already in the works. 52. Kickoff Meeting December 10th Talked about roles & responsibilities. Identified goals, principles, and scope. Created communication plan.and shared our work with team leaders 53. Redmine has 65 issues assigned. 8 are already in progress. Were setting up team meetings.Weve drafted a survey. Were requesting funding for SiteImprove.Weve created a draft list of point people. We are looking at existing data and conducting a literature review. 54. Whats next: What to expect in the coming weeks. 55. We need your help redefining our identity as an organization. Who we areWho wed like to beWho were notExamples: friendly helpfulExamples: reliable people-focusedExamples: traditional unmovingwrite 1-3 things on each card and place in the basket 56. We will capture your ideas then send to all staff for a sort. helpful friendlyWho we arereliablefunpeople-focused traditional unmoving funThis is a rebranding exercise. 57. Redmine DemoWednesday, January 15th, 2-3pm Info Commons Classroom 58. Well be meeting with teams throughout January.While keeping the user in mind. 59. See you at the brown bag next monthMonday, February 3rd, 12-1pm. Room A314. 60. Questions Main Website Redux