Indian Universities Vs Global Universities

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Text of Indian Universities Vs Global Universities

  • Indian Universities Vs Global Universities Where Do We Lack?

    By Mr. Pratik Saraiya (77) Mr. Sandip Kadam (87)

  • What is University?An institution of learning of thehighest level

    Provides both graduate as well as postgraduate education

    Originated from a latin word Universitas

  • QS Rankings for Global Universities (Q.S.=Quacquarelli Symonds)

    1] University of Cambridge 2] Harvard University 3] Yale University 4] UCL (University College London)5] Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT)

  • QS Rankings for Asian Universities

    1] The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 2] University of Hong Kong 3] National University of Singapore (NUS) 4] The University of Tokyo 5] The Chinese University

  • Ranking Of Indian Universities on Global QS ListIIT B- 187IIT D- 202IIT K- 249IIT M- 262University of Delhi- 372IIT R- 401University of Mumbai- 451-500

  • Criteria for RankingAcademic peer Review (40%)Recruiter Review (10%)Faculty to Student Ratio(20%)Citations per faculty (20%)International Orientation A)International Staff (5%) B)International Students(5%)

  • Benchmarking Global Universities

  • Quality of Education & Examination patternMore stress on practical applications

    Universities to be based on principle of elitism

    An open book test pattern

  • InfrastructureThe stateof-the art facilities for the students as well as faculties

    Global universities scores marginally high in this parameter

    Heavy investments in this sector is the need of the hour

  • Choices of Specialized Courses

    Wide variety of CoursesFlexibility in Course durationEg. London Metropolitian University is known for its Sports Management CoursesNottingham Trent University for specialized photography Courses6 months,12 months, 18 months duration programs

  • Global ExposureExposure to worldwide culture

    Practical Learning

    Global mindsets are developed

  • Research & DevelopmentEncourages R & D in their course methodologies

    Facts: Togo ranks 1st in spending on R & D with 8.5% contributions from its GDP

    USA ranks 7th with 2.5 % of its GDP contribution

    India ranks 38th with 0.6% of its GDP contribution

  • Inefficient Research ProductivityCPF measures the research productivity of faculty In any country

    India scores 6.46 against global avg. of 8.87

  • Innovation Harvard Uni.(i-Lab), Stanford Uni. are equipped with innovation labsMalardalen University, Sweden, offers course in Creativity and Innovation ManagementIndian universities hardly doing anything in this area

  • Arguments Supporting FDI in Education Sector (Education Bill)Increased Investment in HE leading to

    Increased Institutions

    Enhanced Access

    Opportunities of International Qualification

    Improved Infrastructure

  • Competition leading to- Quality Improvements -Curricular Innovation- Research & Development-Resource Use Efficiency

    International Exposure

    Import Substitutions-Emigration of Students would be checked

  • Bridging The GapGap has to be filled between the required job expectations and the ultimate University outcomes

  • Educated population is an Asset!!!Government interference in developing Universities with world class facilities

    Increased tie ups with Global Universities

    Strengthen the overall Education System

  • The outcome of Universities should not be degree holders but Individuals who can think.

    Thank You