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Join us for two wonderful days to discover the power of storytelling in different contexts. Come to Berlin in spring and discover the stories you can tell and the storyteller within you. Apply here: bit.ly/1iz2Ya8


<ul><li>1.igniteyour Berlin 31st May - 1st June Discover Storytelling in Education, Marketing and Public Speaking </li></ul> <p>2. One of the hotel receptionists decides to go downstairs and find out where that noise was coming from. 3. Her pupils dilate as she sees him aligning 50 barrels of gasoline to the detonator in his hand 4. Frightened, she screams out loud: Do you want to have us all killed? 5. He turns to her and says with a cheeky grin: No, no, no I just want the world to hear my story 6. Making our story heard... That sounds easier than it sometimes is; Storytelling has been around for centuries and it is something we experience every day Fairytales are not just entertainment, but they convey a set of values and experiences 7. The power of Storytelling... Barack Obama is one of the most gifted public speakers in the world, in great part because of his ability to transmit values to his audience through stories; and the story behind the Banana Republic brand and its founders made a considerable difference in making it so popular. 8. We invite you to a 2-day workshop where we will discover the power of storytelling and its application in three key sectors of activity - Education, Marketing and Public Speaking. The workshop is aimed at equipping you with the creative and delivery skills needed to awaken the wonderful stories and the awesome storyteller within you Giovanni Jaerisch Alex Glod igniteyour with 9. 1 2 4 Applying Storytelling in science education Transmitting moral values through stories Simplifying complex concepts and definitions Learning experiences based on stories 3 Storytelling in Education 10. v The valueThe Customer The Marketer Storytelling in Marketing Being the fastest or cheapest in a market is often not enough anymore. Markeitng is more than ever about emotions, lifestyle, and stories; Its about establishing a relationship between yourself, your product, and your customer. 11. In times of challenge and fear, people are in need of hope and of a story and vision about what the future might be and about their role in it. It sometimes takes a single spark to light a huge fire. A well crafted story could ignite the flame waiting to burn in your audience. Not manipulation, but the art of making your point and inspiring trust in your audience through your own authentic story and motivation. Storytelling in Public Speaking 12. your Hosts Passionate Storyteller and Writer from Romania, Alex is an explorer of the world, looking to discover the beauties that the world holds in every plant, animal, human, country, mountain, river or ocean, and frame them in stories worth sharing. http://storytellingcardgame.wordpress.com/ Alex Glod A modern Marco Polo seeking the spices of life, sharing them in unique interactions, an independent Coach, Facilitator, Storyteller, passionate about serving people in their development. Giovanni Jaerisch 13. igniteyour W here: Price: W hen: Application: Apply here! 14. igniteyour W hat comes with the package? 15. igniteyour W hat comes with the package? Creating stories and practicing storytelling Constructive feedback from the group and the hosts Designing a plan for implementing storytelling in your field of interest 16. Learning and follow-up manual Access to online resources Membership in our online community of storytellers igniteyour W hat comes with the package? 17. igniteyour W hat comes with the package? Alex Glod Giovanni Jaerisch and all of our passion and dedication to offering a powerful learning experience. Hope to have you on board! Apply here! </p>