ICTM 2010: How do you know if they know?

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Presentation given at the 2010 Iowa Council of Teachers of Mathematics conference in West Des Moines, Iowa.


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2. How do you know if they know? Matt Townsley Math Educator Solon High School 3. Demographics check 4. For more information... http://tr.im/formativeassess [email_address] Twitter : @mctownsley Blog : www.mctownsley.net 5. John Doe 3 Good job! 14 __ 16 http://tr.im/formativeassess 6. Assessment always has more to do with helping students grow than with cataloging their mistakes.-Carol Tomlinson [ The Differentiated Classroom , p. 11] http://tr.im/formativeassess 7. How much do you know about formative assessment? Lykert scale: 1 I know very little thats why Im here! 2 I know a little bit. 3 I know some, but I dont know everything. 4 I know quite a bit and wonder if todays presenter is going to challenge my beliefs.http://tr.im/formativeassess 8. Experts say 9. Formative assessments are defined as any activity that provides sound feedback on student learning.-Robert Marzano [ Classroom Assessment and Grading that Work , p. 111] http://tr.im/formativeassess 10. What formative assessment is NOT

    • A specific type of assessment
    • A one way process
    • The same as grading
    • Something you do every Friday

http://tr.im/formativeassess 11. Necessary components of formative assessment

    • Offer students a clear picture of learning targets
    • Feedback at the core
    • Students engaged in self-assessment
    • Provide an understanding ofspecificsteps to improve [Adapted from Black & William, Inside the Black Box, 1998]

http://tr.im/formativeassess 12. from the students perspective

    • What knowledge or skills do I aim to develop?
    • How close am I?
    • What do I need to do next?
  • [Brookhart,How to Give Effective Feedback to Your Students,2008]

http://tr.im/formativeassess 13. Who gets a better grade? Bob : HW: 100%; Quiz: 100%; Test: 100% Suzy : HW: 75%; Quiz: 80%; Test: 100% Which student knows more? http://tr.im/formativeasses/ 14. Enough theory. How does it work? http://tr.im/formativeassess 15. Flickr image used with permission:http://www.flickr.com/photos/dalonian/654769425/ 16. 17. Flickr image used with permissionhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/johnmarchan/562116408/ http://tr.im/formativeassess 18. http://tr.im/formativeassess 19. http://tr.im/formativeassess 20. 21. So, changing classroom assessment is the beginning of a revolution a revolution in classroom practices of all kinds.-Lorna Earl [ Assessment as Learning: Using Classroom Assessment to Maximize Student Learning , p. 15] http://tr.im/formativeassess 22. Q & A http://tr.im/formativeassess 23. For more information... http://tr.im/formativeassess [email_address] Twitter : @mctownsley Blog : www.mctownsley.net