What, they don’t Know English???

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What, they don’t Know English???. Katalin McChesney ESL teacher Danville Schools. About me. ESL - adults/ children K-12 -11 years Part-time ESL, part-time Migrant itinerant teacher -I go to 4 or 5 schools - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of What, they don’t Know English???

  • Katalin McChesneyESL teacherDanville Schools

  • ESL - adults/ children K-12 -11 years Part-time ESL, part-time Migrant itinerant teacher -I go to 4 or 5 schools Work with small group of students or one-on-one/ pull-out or before school startsNo grades/ W-APT/ State assessment- ACCESSHave a wide variety of levels from newcomers to almost fluent

  • Transient (some are migrant)Might have interruption in their educationMostly Spanish-speaking Faced with adult roles as interpreters for the familySome were born in the US, but grew up in a monolingual environment

  • I can intentionally choose activities for English Language Learners that helps them lower their anxiety level and motivates them to write.

  • Blurt What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear ESL (English as a Second Language)?

  • Write what you already know about teaching English language learners?Pair/Share

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DH5sGa5WJWs&feature=related

  • Write a question/questions you might have about ELLs?Share with your group

  • Language is viewed as a vehicle for communicating meanings and messages. Authentic and meaningful communication should be a goal of classroom activities RichardsBICS- Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills - 2 yearsCALP- Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency 5-7 years Cummins

  • The affective filter theory Krashen Natural Approach-Learners emotional state or attitude is like an adjustable filter that freely passes or blocks input necessary to acquisition The best methods supply 'comprehensible input' in low anxiety situations, containing messages that students really want to hear.3 variables MotivationSelf-confidenceAnxiety

  • How many of you had English Language Learners in your classes?Stand up if you ever lived in a foreign country or visited one where English wasnt the main language learned a foreign languageTried to communicate with somebody who did not speak your languageWatched a foreign language movie without the subtitlesReceived mail or e-mail in another languageTried to write something in another language

  • Ha n rzsa volnk, nem csak egyszer nylnk, Minden vben ngyszer virgba borulnk, Nylnk a gyereknek, nyilnk n a lnynak, Az igaz szerelemnek s az elmlsnak. Ha n kapu volnk, mindig nyitva llnk, Akrhonnan jnne, brkit beengednk, Nem krdeznm tle, ht tged ki kldtt, Akkor lennk boldog, ha mindenki eljtt.

  • Ha n ablak volnk, akkora nagy lennk, Hogy az egsz vilg lthatv vljk, Megrt szemekkel tnznnek rajtam, Akkor lennk boldog, ha mindent megmutattam. Ha n utca volnk, mindig tiszta lennk, Minden ldott este fnyben megfrdnk, s ha egyszer rajtam lnckerk taposna, Alattam a fld is srva beomolna. Ha n zszl volnk, sohasem lobognk, Mindenfle szlnek haragosa lennk, Akkor lennk boldog, ha kifesztennek, S nem lennk jtka mindenfle szlnek

  • Mirl szl ez a vers?Milyen dolgokat emlt a klt a versben?Milyen kpet tudnnk lerajzolni az egyes verszakokrl?Az elst n bemutatomRzsa- virgzik 4 vszakban2 perc alatt rajzoljtok le a verszakban lttok.

  • Talk to your partner about your experienceShare with the whole group

    Lets try this again.

  • After the video you can use your iPhones to look up words in an online dictionary.Try http://szotar.sztaki.hu/index.hu.jhtml


  • What was the poem about?What helped you the second time? Make a quick list of the things, I could have done to help you understand moreShare

  • Social language vs. Academic language

    Students are at different language proficiency levels

    Parental involvement

    No literacy in 1st language

    Influence of home language

    Word by word translation doesnt work.What is wrong here? Is it English or Engrish?

  • wor

  • Teachers demonstrate how writing and reading are connected. Teachers model exemplary writing practices for their students and demonstrate how writers write about topics that are meaningful to them. Teachers teach grammar in the context of actual writing.

    Education Alliance/Brown University

  • Getting to know the students - Example: Introduction activitiesWriting samples SurveysWriting samplesInterviews- Write down 5 Wh-questions.Ask your partner and introduce him/herIcebreakers---lowering anxiety----

  • Build oral language Rehearse orally before writingThink-Pair-ShareWrite interactively with students and verbalize own thinking as you write- use Think AloudsUse pictures, visuals, graphic organizers, realia, acting outImplement structured vocabulary development as part of your instructionGive essential vocabulary in Word box

  • 3 truths and a lie My grandmother is 90 years old.I have been to Africa.I eat fish but no meat.I have a younger sister.

    Student comment: Im going to tell my mom you taught us how to lie.

  • Bean bag toss vocabulary or sentence building

    I am going to..My dad was.

  • Guess what? Wh- writing gameMusical QuestionsCharades20 questions

    ----activating background knowledge----

  • 1. conversation to identify an experience or topic (field trip, preparing food, making a card.)2. record students words exactly as spoken printLet students write if they are able, if not they can dictate it to you or a partner3. read story asking the students to read along with you4. student selects meaningful words- making word cards5. teach selected words

  • Student writing sample

    Think about something that somebody helped you with at the Summer Institute and dictatea short thank you note to a partnerTake turns.

  • With English Language Learners writing is usually the last area to develop but there are some who feel more comfortable writing than speakingFirst listening, then speaking, reading and then writingBuild on lots and lots of oral language with small group and a partner

    Give yourself a pat in the back

  • Social



  • What can you do to lower the anxiety of your ELLs or struggling students and motivate them to write?

  • http://www.literacyconnections.com/InTheirOwnWords.phpwww.suite101.com/content/language-experience-approach-a51007 http://www.cal.org/caela/esl_resources/digests/LEA.htmlNCLR Educating English Language Learners: Implementing Instructional Practices


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