Guidance and Counseling ( Counseling services )

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This is my report in Guidance and Counseling subject. I hope it will help others!!! :)



2. COUNSELING SERVICES Counseling - incurs moral responsibility that some basic guides are needed. The counselor should remember that he has an ethical obligation to the counselee and to the society. 3. A. COUNSELING ETHICS - Keep confidential matter to oneself. 4. - Dont be time- conscious. 5. -Dont influence the counselee to your way of thinking and reason. 6. - Know your limitation. Trying to behave and pose as one who seems to be knowledgeable is risky. 7. - Avoid physical contact. A handshake suffices. - Learn not to be sympathetic but also empathic. 8. B. FEATURES OF COUNSELING SERVICE 1. This offers assistance in the form of services; however, certain points have to be considered in a workable counseling program: 9. 1. a. Theme must be knowledgeable/ record pertinent data about the counselee. 1. b. The counselor must be proficient in the use of counseling techniques. 10. 1.c. There must be sufficient records and they should be updated. 1.d. The counselor must have the ability to organize, relate, and interpret the data. 11. 1. e. The counselor must be observant and cautious in organizing data in terms of behavior and development. 12. 2. The clients vary according to their needs. 2.a. There are maladjusted, slow learners and students with problems. 13. 2.b. There are those who are frequently absent or tardy for no apparent and acceptable reasons. 14. 3. Tools/ Data used to gather information 3. a. Cumulative records of students 3. b. Records of interviews conducted 15. 3. c. Case studies 3. d. Test results 3. e. Anecdotes and other records 16. 4. Methodology/Procedure 4. a. Gather all the data and study them carefully 4. b. Let the counselee talk, or wait for him to gather enough strength to open up. 17. 4. c. Listen and feel free to clarify certain points to the matters discussed. 4. d. Be objective regarding the question at hand. 4. e. Maintain ethical standard. 18. C. COUNSELORS ATTITUDE, SKILL, AND CHARACTERISTIC 1. A counselor by the nature of his calling should possess a respectable character with good professional attitude. 19. 2. He must be readily flexible: a peer to the client at one time and an authority figure the next time. He must be one who can have the resiliency to adopt to changes. 20. 3. He must be highly sensitive, honest, and sincere. He should be one who easily feels his way thrive a relation with the counselee. 21. 4. He must be accepting. He must regard his client as a person of dignity. He must accept and respect the right of his client to make decisions, choices, and solutions. 22. 5. He must be intellectually competent with a high perceptive mind and thorough knowledge of human behavior 23. D. ASPECTS OF COUNSELING SESSION Holding a counseling session with the counselee must thrive from a relationship between the two by making the counselee comfortable in an atmosphere of trust and confidentiality. 24. 1. Let the counselee to be open, free to disclose whatever he wants as he trusts his counselor. 25. 2. Stimulate him to talk. By the counselors tactful way, he invites the counselee to share his feelings and his thoughts. 26. 3. Listen attentively, ask question for clarity. 4. Watch carefully for counselees gestures and facial expressions which may be his way of sending messages. 27. 5. Allow silence to come once in a while. 28. 6. Ask questions wisely avoiding the use of questions answerable by YES or NO. 29. Prepared by the following Artists: Jhon Michael Rio Loreto O. Quiatchon Jr. 30. THANK YOU ! ! !