Guerilla marketing

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<p>4. Sales Promotion</p> <p>MARKETING COMMUNICATIONIntegrating online and offline with social media</p> <p>Heidi HellstrmMaster of Economic Sciences, Senior LecturerUniversity of Applied Sciences, Vaasa1</p> <p>GUERILLA MARKETING2</p> <p>Example of the topic: click the picture</p> <p>What is guerilla marketing?2 minutes brainstorm</p> <p>Guerrilla marketing is packed with creativity and a combination of different ideas to get your message across to the consumers. </p> <p>Unconventional marketing intended to get maximum results from minimal resources.</p> <p>DO companies need guerilla marketing Simple to understandEasy to implementCheapProvocativeUniqueEngaging(Inter-)ActiveCreates the buzz</p> <p>Goals of Guerilla marketingAlong with goals of traditional marketing</p> <p>Utilize the resources a company has </p> <p>Reduce the large monetary requirements of traditional marketing and advertising</p> <p>DIFFERENTIATE from other brandsWays of approachesIntercept encounters in public placesStreet giveaways of products PR stuntsCreate a memorable brand experienceOther unconventional marketing tactic intended to get maximum results with minimal resources.</p> <p>ExamplesGraffitisFlash-mobsViral VideosSee the link</p> <p>Group workCreate own guerilla marketing campaign, flash mob or similar for any company in Vaasa</p> <p>Presentation format is video length 2-3 minutesPicture references</p>