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Grandparent scam

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  • 1.GrandparentGrandparent ScamScam Information from the Tri-State Better Business Bureau Foundation, Inc. Evansville, Indiana

2. ! WHAT to knowWHAT to know and do to avoidand do to avoid falling victimfalling victim 3. 1. An older person, probably a1. An older person, probably a grandparent, answers a phone call.grandparent, answers a phone call. 2. The caller says, grandma, its2. The caller says, grandma, its me!me! 3. Grandma replies, Matt, is that3. Grandma replies, Matt, is that you?you? SCENARIOSCENARIO 4. Yes, its me. Matt.Yes, its me. Matt. HOOKEDHOOKED This is when the grandparent,This is when the grandparent, influenced by an emotional responseinfluenced by an emotional response to help the grandson, may feelto help the grandson, may feel convinced this is a genuine requestconvinced this is a genuine request from a loved one, instead of anfrom a loved one, instead of an attempt by a scam artist.attempt by a scam artist. 5. RESPONSERESPONSE What weve heard from manyWhat weve heard from many grandparents is that they didntgrandparents is that they didnt think. They simply acted in order tothink. They simply acted in order to help their their grandson. In just a few minutes, however,In just a few minutes, however, they could have confirmed thethey could have confirmed the legitimacy of the claim:legitimacy of the claim: 6. Ask, what is your name? What areAsk, what is your name? What are your parents names?your parents names? Dont offer any specific information. Ask another question only yourAsk another question only your grandson would know. (What did I givegrandson would know. (What did I give you last year for your birthday?)you last year for your birthday?) At this point, a scam artist will probablyAt this point, a scam artist will probably realize you arent an easy targetrealize you arent an easy target and will hang up! But theres moreand will hang up! But theres more 7. One of the most effective ways we canOne of the most effective ways we can help protect our community from scamhelp protect our community from scam artists is to spread the word:artists is to spread the word: 1. CONTACT YOUR BBB 2. CONTACT LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT 3. TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY