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Google apps integration session between devign and techware workshops. For SCCI'13 - Students Conference on Communication and Information In Cairo University


  • 1.Omar HusseinJan GeorgeMohamed Sahl Omar Montasser

2. 1 which refers to the number 1 followed by 100 zeroes. The word waschosen to reflect the companys goal of organizing the massiveamound of information that is available on the Internet. 3. 2 The Google home page is so sparse because the founders did notknow HTML and just wanted to create a quick interface. 4. 3 . Googles traffic doubled when they introduced their "Did youmean..." feature. This feature was made possible by a much-improved spell checker. 5. 4 Google users apparently never feel "lucky," since the "I feel lucky" isalmost never used. However, in trials it was discovered that users sawit as a comfort button and did not want it removed. 6. 5 When Page and Brin tried to find buyers to license their searchtechnology, one portal CEO told them "As long as were 80 percent asgood as our competitors, thats good enough. Our users dont reallycare about search." 7. 6 . Google grew so quickly that its offices quickly filled up.Employees couldnt stand up at their desks without others tuckingtheir chairs in first. 8. 7 . When Google moved to the Googleplex, their new headquartersin Mountain View, Calif., large rubber exercise balls were repurposedas highly mobile office chairs in an open, non-cubicle environment. 9. /OmarMontasser93 /Tyson.omar/jangeorgegaid /OmarMontasser93@OmarMontasser93 @omar_7ussein@Jangeorge @Sahl_KTBFFH