GISPro 2013 Ignite: Vanguard Cabinet

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Closing presentation of URISA's 51st Annual GISPro Conference Ignite Session in Providence, Rhode Island on Monday, September 16, 2013. Resulted in the creation of the Codger Cabinet as well as a future marketing campaign of URISA Vanguard Cabinet sippy cups! Three cheers for Grizzled Old Mappers mentoring Young Professionals on how to be disruptive and take over conference calls one division at a time.


  • 1. Overachievers, Part 1 Advocacy member Cumberland Chapter Secretary and At-Large Board Member Education Committee Member GISCI Application Review Committee member Vanguard Cabinet Member Moderating two sessions

2. Overachiever, Part 2 Georgia URISA Board Member: Event and Conference Chair Vanguard Cabinet Member Outreach presentation at UGA Advocacy (FGDC NSDI Strategic Plan) Presenting Wednesday at 3:30PM Moderating 2 sessions 3. Represent! Ryan Bowe is Cumberland URISAs secretary Caitlin Blundell is Ontario event planner Erik Endrulat is OrURISAs secretary Diana Maties is NeURISAs President-Elect Wendy Peloquin is on GaURISAs board 4. Vanguard Cabinet 10 members serving two year terms Under the age of 35 Hand-picked by the Steering Committee 5. Representing Ashley Hitt is a URISA International Board Member 6. Outreach We have developed our elevator speech quite well: Booth at GIS Day in Florida Presentations at various organizations GeoEd 2013 GaURISA KAMP University and Student Outreach/Engagement Student Volunteers at conference! Contact: Ashley Hitt 7. FGDC NSDI Strategic Plan With the tight turn-around we were able to poll 49 people about their take FGDC NSDI / NGAG gave us credit and said the input was not only greatly appreciated but would be useful! Hope to implement similar scenarios of leveraging Mentoring throughout URISAs Divisions 8. We dont bite We will all be wearing shirts identifying us as Vanguard Cabinet Members at the social We have ribbons identifying us as Vanguard Cabinet members (if you can read all our ribbons) 9. See us in action! Tuesday 1PM Lou: Integrating Data Sources for Law Enforcement Intelligence 2PM (Multiple): Women in GIS 8PM Social Wednesday 10AM Ashley: Extending Broadband Mapping into Economic Development and Planning Initiatives 3:30PM Wendy: Identifying Worker Characteristics and Travel Patterns Utilizing LEHD and GIS 5PM Mentoring Meetup