GCDP Quality Strategy - Job Description Implementation issue

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Job Description ImplementationGCDP Quality Strategy

JD as Core experience for leadership development

JD as delivery on value proposition of the programme to the customer

JD as Contributing to the purpose of the organisation (TN)

The ContentUnderstanding the issue of Job Description in GCDPRole of Sending and Hosting entity in solving JD issueKey Activities in solving the issueTalent Capacity in delivering JD Implementation

Understanding the JD Issue

Goal for the project not clearTarget audience of the project not specifiedRole of EP in a big group Project not clearImpact of the project not clearRole of NGO in learning not definedTeam Minimums Delivery for GCDP interns

Activities in solving the issue Standards Implementation:First Day of Work

1. First Day of Work StandardsStandards Implementation:First Day of WorkWhat?A representative of AIESEC accompanies the EP to the place/organisation of work on the first day of the internship.Who?Project Team Leader or Team Member who is responsible for the TN Account Management. How?Preparing checklist or guide during the first day orientation for the purpose of expectation settings

1. First Day of Work StandardsSuggested content and criteria for checklistPurpose of ProjectJD explanation and clarification Timeline of ActivitiesClear GoalsExpected OutcomeArea of ResponsibilitiesKey ActivitiesAgenda for 6 weeks activity for the projectMilestone of activitiesWorking ConditionWorking HoursFree time (if applicable)Work DeliveryIndividual TaskGroup Task

2. Team Minimums DeliveryWhy?Every single EP lives a team experience with other EPs in the project during their GCDP projects.Who?Project Team Leader or Team Member who is responsible for the EP experience delivery.How?Right after the first day of work orientation with TNHaving a simple tracker for team minimums deliveryTeam Minimums Delivery for GCDP interns

2. Team Minimums DeliveryWhat team minimums to be delivered?TTeamPlanJDTrainingTracking& CoachingEvaluation and REFLECTIONABC PurposeDirectionIndividualcontributionToolsPerformanceStandard and SenseTeam Minimums Tracker for GCDP interns in projectsDirections: Use this tracker to track the quality of the team experience delivered. This is based off of team minimums.The complete Team minimum you can have it here!# OF METRICS SATISFIED# OF METRICS MISSEDFULFILLMENT RATEType of Minimum:TeamPlanJDTrainingTrackingEvaluationReflectionTeam building & purpose creation?Team Review-Weekly?a 6 weeks plan and goals?Has the plan been reviewed or adjusted? (If applicable)Have a JD?General training from NGO about issue?Cultural integration to hosting entity?KPIs defined?Goals set?half way experience evaluation?End of project evaluation?Closing experience with the team?360 Feedback provided from Team?Team 1EP 1YYYYYYYYYNYYN11285%EP 2YYYYYNYYYNYNN9469%EP 3YYYYYYYYYNYYN11285%EP 4YYYYYNYNYNYYN9469%EP 5YYYYYYYNNNYNN8562%Team 200EP 600#DIV/0!EP 700#DIV/0!EP 800#DIV/0!EP 900#DIV/0!EP 1000#DIV/0!

2. Team Minimums DeliveryExample of Team Minimums Tracker for GCDP interns

2. Team Minimums DeliverySuggested delivery by the project team4-6 interns delivery4-6 interns delivery4-6 interns delivery4-6 interns delivery

Role of MC Sending EntityProviding Job minimums based on standards in GCDP nationalllyProviding clear information about the national project Goals, Target, impact, and delivery based on entity partnershipEducation to LCs about team minimums in EP Team XP during GCDP

Role of LC Sending EntitySetting expectation on Job minimums based on standards to EPsProviding clear information about the project Goals, Target, impact, and delivery to EPsIntroduction of Team Minimums in AIESEC Project to EPsTrack LC implementation on team minimum in GCDP project delivery

Role of MC Hosting EntityEducate LC about First day of Work Standards deliveryEstablish Implementation for the check list during first day of work for LCs

Role of LC Hosting EntityDelivery of standards in first day of workSetting the right expectation with TN Taker/NGO in JD ImplementationImplementation of the check listDelivery and Tracking of Team Minimums in Project

Talent Capacity in JD ImplementationHOW?STEP 1:

Plan for Capacity for QualitySTEP 2:

Structure, JD and KPI in different LC Volumes in iGIPSTEP 3:

Deliver education and measure progressSTEP 1: Plan for Capacity for Summer

Use the TM Planning tool to planiGCDPSTEP 1: Plan for Capacity for Summer

Here enter number of interns/EPs one member can deliver Eg: 1 member 3 EPsiGCDPSTEP 1: Plan for Capacity for Summer

That number from slide 2 will multiply with Re goal you enter for the quarter so you know how many members are needed for delivery in each programmeiGCDPSTEP 2: Create structures for quality deliveryStructures by Volume of Realizations the LC does Customize your structures for the fruit peak if needed

STEP 2:Structure of an iGCDP team to ensure quality with quantityREFER TO CAPACITY for Quality IMPLEMENTATION iGCDP PPT (For structures by LC Volume)STEP 2: JD within the structureJD of Delivery members in the team

During Raising periodDuring Matching periodDuring Realization Ensure clear and high quality JD in a specific issue segment and for a specific national project

Clear expectation setting with NGO about role of EP, salary etc. Visa Support (The key issue is Eps want MORE and ACCURATE information about the process and documents related to visa)

As soon as matches are confirmed start working on accommodationBy now accommodation should be confirmed and ready

Arrange for EP Pick up and integration into the LC and city

Trainee Buddy assigned for EP23

iGCDP L&D PrinciplesThe right message/contentAlways message quality with growth or quality driving growthQuality is embedded into all stages of exchange flow (not just realized)Balancing quality delivery in iGCDP and iGIP is importantCONTENTPROFILE/TARGETPOSSIBLECHANNELSPOSSIBLETIMELINERaising with the right JD, EP Profile and for the right countriesFocus LCs for iGCDP Customize by issue

LCVPs knowledgeTLs and team members training of how to sellVirtual trainings,Weekly calls with focus LCs VPs and TLs, conferencesMAY!!If you want to do off peak realizations then also in July-Aug but onlywith the off peak teams in specific high volume LCsHowto use AND measure NPS Link it to KPI of delivery teamsForLCVPs and Team Leaders of ALL LCsVirtualchannels, conferences, LC VisitsMayDetractor issues how to eliminatethem, who is involved, what synergy is needed, what action steps to takeFocus LCs foriCCDP,LCVPiGCDP, LCVP TMVirtualchannels, LC Coaching visits, conferencesMay andJuneCONTENTPROFILE/TARGETPOSSIBLECHANNELSPOSSIBLETIMELINEVirtualpreparation of Eps before realizationLCVPand Team Leaders for iGCDP should be coordinated by MC, LCVP TMVirtualMay,June and JulyEffectiveAIESEC support to EP for anything to do with logistics or JD/with the companyLCVP iGCDP,TL iGCDP, LCVP TM (to know how to allocate capacity)Virtual and PhysicalJuneand JulyVisainformation and supportLCVP iGCDP, LCVP FinanceVirtualMay-JulyManaging high volume iGCDP Qualityalong with iGIP growth in LCsLCVP iGCDP, LCVPiGIP, LCVP TMVirtualand PhysicalMay-July (embedinto exchange process)BalanceGCDP GIP quality through structure, JD, KPILCVPTM, LCVP iGIP, LCVP iGCDPVirtualand PhysicalMay-July