Flipping Classrooms for Deeper Learning

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Text of Flipping Classrooms for Deeper Learning

  • Flipping Classrooms for

    Deeper Learning

  • The Why

  • Flipping helps struggling students

    Flipping helps students of all

    abilities to excel

    Flipping allows students to pause and rewind their


    Flipping increases student-teacher


    Flipping allows teachers to know

    their students better

    Flipping allows for real differentiation

    Flipping changes classroom


    Why it makes sense

  • One of the hardest things we had to do when switching to the

    flipped and ultimately the flipped- mastery model was to

    give control of the learning over to the students. Jon Burgmann

    and Aaron sams

  • The What

  • Flipped Learning isthe interaction and the

    meaningful learning activities that occur during

    the face-to-face time.

    A means to INCREASE interaction and

    personalized contact time between students and


    An environment where students take responsibility

    for their own learning.

    A classroom where the teacher is not the "sage on

    the stage", but the "guide on the side".

    A blending of direct instruction with constructivist


    A classroom where students who are absent due to illness

    or extra-curricular activities such as athletics or field-trips,

    don't get left behind.

    A class where content is permanently archived for

    review or remediation.

    A class where all students are engaged in their


    A place where all students can get a personalized


  • Flipped Learning is not

    A synonym for online videos.

    About replacing teachers with


    An online course. Students working without structure.

    Students spending the entire class

    staring at a computer screen.

    Students working in isolation.

  • The How

  • The Flipping Flow

    Curate Create

    Communicate Continue

  • Curate

  • CurateTime is short, use whats out there

    YouTube Vimeo Khan Academy

    CK12 Schmoop ABC Splash

    Scootle PhetSimulationsKLA Specific repositories

  • Create

  • CreateHow to make videos your students will love:

    1. Keep it short -10-15mins

    2. Animate your voice

    3. Create your video with another

    teacher. Like a conversation

    4. Add humour - a running joke...

    5. Don't waste your student's time.

    Keep to the topic

    6. Add annotations (use a digital pen if


    7. Add call outs -eg steps or flow

    8. Zoom in and out. Keep them focused

    9. Keep it copyright friendly

  • CreateThe four steps to tutorial creation:

    plan the lesson

    record the video

    edit the video

    publishthe video

  • CreateTools to make tutorials

    Office Mix (Windows)


    Explain Everything


    NearPod PearDeck Powtoon

    Movlee Haiku Deck PowerPoint

  • Communicate

  • CommunicateHow will you get the content to students?

    Blendspace Edmodo OneNote

    Google Classroom Weebly Smore

    BeenPod Tackk Livebinder

  • CommunicateHow will you know where they are up to?

    Office Mix (windows) NearPod

    PearDeck Socrative

    Forms / Excel Survey

    Discussion Threads

  • Continue

  • ContinueContinue the learning at school

    Plickers Kahoot

    FlipQuiz Questioning Strategies

    Differentiation Strategies ALARM

  • So, what will your Flipped Classroom

    look like?