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Film Magazine Photo Shoot Inspiration By Lydia Gould

Film magazine photo shoot inspiration

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Text of Film magazine photo shoot inspiration

Film Magazine Photo Shoot Inspiration

Film Magazine Photo Shoot InspirationBy Lydia Gould

These magazine covers have inspired me too use a photo of two models for the central image for my magazine cover; the characters Sam and Nicole will be photographed and presented as The Happy Couple as if theyre in a relationship in real life, I think this will tie in well with film narrative, where theyre also in a relationship. It might be exciting as it will add a sense of realism to the narrative of the film, making the story more believable and scary. Furthermore, it could help engage audiences to watch it because theyre featuring in it as a star couple (like Brad and Angelina). The photo Im planning on using will reflect a completely different take on the magazine opposed to the poster, where Nicole is in character of the film narrative and tied up in a basement. I aim to have Sam and Nicole in a natural situation, maybe at a bar to show them on a date setting and in there own smart clothes. I also hope to fill typical conventions of conventional magazine covers by retouching their image to make them appear as images of perfection, I hope this might show a more noticeable contrast in the characters appearance and show the difference between their real life and there life on camera.

I feel by having two people in my central image photo for my magazine will be more engaging than just one as there will be two subjects to look at and create attraction. Furthermore, it will apply to Laura Mulveys male gaze and female gaze (a later development on the theory). This could potentially help attract a wider scale of audience because as a couple, they appeal to more people.

. I will be able to write headlines about both of them which may make the reader feel theyre getting something of extra value as they get articles and insights on two characters in the film over one character.