Filipino Inventions and Discoveries

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Filipino inventions and discoveries

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  • 1.Science andTechnology in thePhilippines-Filipino Inventions andDiscoveriesPage 1

2. Scientists greatly help in the economicdevelopment of a country. In thePhilippines, we have a number ofrenowned scientists and technologistswhose exemplary works and discoverieshave contributed to the progress ofdifferent industries.Page 2 3. 20th CenturyInventionsandDiscoveriesPage 3 4. 1. Fe del MundoInvention: IncubatorShe was an alumna of theUniversity of the Philippines(UP) College of Medicine.The first Asian to haveentered the prestigiousHarvard UniversitysSchool of Medicine.Page 4 5. Invention: IncubatorAn incubator is an apparatusused to maintainenvironmental conditionssuitable for newborn baby.It is used in pre-term births orfor some ill full-term babies.Page 5 6. Gregorio Y. ZaraInvention: VideophoneHe was the inventor of thefirst videophone.A nativeof Lipa, BatangasAnd enrolled at theMassachusetts Institute ofTechnology (MIT) in theUnited States, andgraduated with a degreeof BS in MechanicalEngineering in 1926.He is a renownedFilipino engineer andphysicist.Page 6 7. Invention: Videophone(1955)The two-way televisiontelephone orvideophone in 1955patented as a "photophone signal separatornetwork."Page 7 8. Agapito FloresInvention: Flourescent Lamp He is the inventor of thefluorescent lamp, which is themost widely used source oflighting in the world today. Thefluorescent lamp reportedlygot its name from Flores.. Thefluorescentlamp, however, was notinvented in a particular year. Itwas the product of 79 years ofthe development of thelighting method that beganwith the invention of theelectric light bulb by ThomasEdison.Page 8 9. Daniel DingelInvention: Water-powered carDaniel Dingelstarted workingon a water-powered car andprototype in 1969. Hishydrogen reactor useselectricity from a 12-volt carbattery to transform ordinarytap water with salt intodeuterium oxide or heavywater.Dingels car has never beenpatented andcommercialized because ofwhat he suspects as an anti-Dingel car conspiracy bymultinational oil companies.Page 9 10. Eduardo San JuanInvention: Lunar RoverFilipinos consider Eduardo San Juanas the inventor of the Lunar Rover, ormore popularly known as the MoonBuggy. The Moon Buggy was the carused by Neil Armstrong and otherastronauts when they first exploredthe moon in 1969.He worked for LockheedCorporation and conceptualizedthe design of the Moon Buggy thatthe Apollo astronauts used while inthe moon. As a NASA engineer, SanJuan reportedly used his Filipinoingenuity to build a vehicle thatwould run outside the Earthsatmosphere. He constructed hismodel using homemade materials.Page 10 11. San Juan, however, was not listed as the inventorof the Moon Buggy in American scientific journals.It said the vehicle was designed and constructedby a group of space engineers. In Poland, theMoon Buggy is attributed to a Polish inventor.Page 11 12. Diosdado BanataoInvention: GUI (GraphicalUser Interface)Banatao is most known forintroducing the first single-chipgraphical user interfaceaccelerator that madecomputers work a lot fasterand for helping develop theEthernet controller chip thatmade Internet possible.In 1989, he pioneered thelocal bus concept forpersonal computers and inthe following year developedthe First Windows acceleratorchip. Intel is now using thechips and technologiesdeveloped by Banatao.Page 12 13. Angel AlcalaInvention: Artificial CoralReefsAngel Alcala isbehind the inventionof artificial coralreefs used forfisheries in SoutheastAsia.Page 13 14. Julian BanzonJulian Banzon researchedmethods of producingalternative fuels.He experimented with theproduction of ethyl estersfuels from sugarcane andcoconut, and invented ameans of extracting residualcoconut and invented ameans of extracting residualcoconut oil by a chemicalprocess rather than aphysical process.Page 14 15. Marc LoinazInvention: One-chipvideo cameraThe inventor of the one-chipvideo camera was MarcLoinaz, a Filipino resident ofNew Jersey who works withLucent Technologies. He wasfeatured in the July 1999 issueof Discover Magazine.The 1-chip camera uses asingle computer chip toprocess the colors thecamera sees. Most videos fora Web site used with a 1-chipcamera mainly because thevideo is compressed in one-chip camera so it transmitsmore quickly.Page 15 16. Roberto del RosarioInvention: Karaoke (1975)He developed a sing alongsystem in 1975 andpatented it in the 1980scalled his sing-along system"Minus-One", now holds thepatent for the device nowcommonly known as the"karaoke machine".Roberto del Rosario, aFilipino, is claiming the rightfor the invention of the Sing-Along-System (SAS) thateventually led to thedevelopment of Karaoke, aJapanese term for "singingwithout accompaniment".Page 16 17. Narciso MosuelaInvention: Superkalan The Superkalan is a stove thatcan be powered by anysubstance that burns. NarcisoMosuela of the Filipinoprovince of La Union inventedit and received the BestDesign award from the Foodand Agricultural Organization(FAO) in 1987. Among thesubstances that can powerthe Superkalan arewood, paper, dried dung andleaves, corncobs and cocoshells. Mosuela has alsoinvented a functional ricethresher.Page 17 18. Juan Salcedo Jr.Developed EnrichedRice, a rice varietyfortified with vitaminB1, which helps preventberiberi. His discoveryhelped reduce the casesof beriberi in thePhilippines and in othercountries.Page 18 19. Ramon BarbaHorticulturist Ramon Barba isknown for inventing techniquesto promote crop flowering. Hiswork, which has helped developthe local mango industry, is theonly invention in Southeast Asiathat the World IntellectualProperty Organizationrecognizes.Barbas otherresearches, meanwhile, focuson tissue culture ofbananas, sugarcane, and otherhorticultural crops to developmethodologies in plantphysiology and plant breeding.Page 19 20. REFERENCES: 20 21. 21 22. Page 22End