Ev682 Session 2 Learning and Digital Identities

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  • 1. Learning and Digital Identities EV682 Session 2

2. Session Aims To give a brief update on latest developments with regards computing in new National Curriculum and future of ICT as technology enhanced learning. To examine what tools we already carry in our digital toolkits and discuss their potential To share and exchange knowledge, understanding and skills with WordPress 3. ICT Vs Computing 4. DfE Guidance There is further guidance on the broader use of digital technologies in education (ICT) available here: http://www.education.gov.uk/schools/teachin gandlearning/curriculum/a00201823/digital- technology-in-schools 5. Whats in your digital toolbox? Infographic courtesy of Samantha Penney, samantha.penney@gmail.com 6. Mass online collaboration Activity: Access the Googledoc at the following link and share your ICT experiences https://docs.google.com/document/d/1II50gS5k myNYgHpCLu75pX_HAPd1MymEvG4SzI_T4SI/edi t?usp=sharing 7. WordPress Hands-on 8. Where to get help? How many how to Smartboard videos are there on YouTube or Vimeo? 9. To conclude Follow up from today: Alexander, R. (2010) Childhood today, Ch 4 in Children, their World, their education: final report from Cambridge primary Review. London: Routledge. Before the next EV682 session: Read Pollard, A. (2008) How can we understand childrens development? Ch 7 in Reflective Teaching. 3rd ed. London: Continuum.