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  • 1. ContinuingAnnotated Bibs Tuesday, 5/29

2. Proposals? Genre conventions? http://vimeo.com/42828824 How does this break the genre conventions? 3. Annotated Bib: Why should Iwrite one? To learn about your topic Learn whats been said Develop your own point of view To see what the issues are, what people arearguing about 4. Journal Look at all of the sources you have so far. If you had togroup them into categories, what categories would youchoose? Which sources would you put together? Example: patient/nurse communication education: Smith,Jonespatient/nurse communication in major hospitals: Swales, McDaniels 5. Annotated Bib: Format Citation (MLA/APA) Precis How does this source relate to the others? Include at least onequote in this section. Citation Precis How does this source relate to the others? Repeat for 10 articles 6. Example, part 1Lamott, Anne. Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life.New York: Anchor Books, 1995. Print.Anne Lamott, a professional writer, in her 1995 work, Bird byBird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life, asserts that studentsargue mostly with their own inner critic when writing a paper. Shesupports this assertion through a variety of anecdotes, in whichshe uses humor to display students insecurities with their ownwriting abilities. Her purpose was to show that students shouldbe more confident when writing, because they are often theirown tough critics. Her intended audience includes writingstudents and teachers, and she targets this audience by usinganecdotes from both the student and the teacher perspectives onwriting. 7. Example, part 2Lamotts book is relevant to my topic because she focuses onthe students writing processes as determinants of theirconfidence with writing. Stating, Students lack of confidencewith writing often limits their abilities, meaning that studentslimit their writing potential when they doubtthemselves, Lamott argues that writing teachers should workto increase their students confidence with writing (89). Thisarticle relates to the claims made by Swales, but he referencesthe discourse communities in which students write, whileLammott speaks more directly about individual students andtheir writing processes. This article can also be related to Grant-Davie, since he discusses rhetorical situations and theirinfluence on how students might target audiences through theirwriting. 8. Other reminders List in alphabetical order, just like you would in a list of Works cited Double-space the entries Do not number them Heading should be in MLA/APA format Shoot for at least 10 citations Peer draft this Thursday, May 31st. Final Monday, June 4th Dont worry about intro until Thursday 9. Some details Article titles in quotes Book titles and journal titles in italics Punctuation goes inside quotation marks: Devitt states, Genres are reactions to life, which means Devitt states, Genres are reactions to life (234). 10. Preliminary genre analysis Read over my comments. All of them. If youd like to revise, send me an email to make anappointment during office hours. Come to appointment sothat we can talk about your revision. All appointments must be made by Thursday, May 31st 11. Wednesday, 5/30 Work on your annotated bib Come up and discuss your genre analysis revision, if youdlike Ask questions, and be ready for peer-review tomorrow.Bring a hard copy or a saved draft on your computer.