Elements of an essay editing and revising

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  • Elements of an Essay: Revising and Editing

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  • Editing and Revising

    These are necessary stepsIn order to write an elegant, thorough, well-argued essay.

    Oxford Tutoring copyright 2016

  • Editing and Revising

    These are necessary stepsIn order to write an elegant, thorough, well-argued essay.

    Oxford Tutoring copyright 2016

  • Good writing is rewriting, rewriting,

    and rewriting. Every writer - from the high school student to the professional has to edit and revise

    their work.

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  • Time to editAfter you have written the rough draft of

    your essay, answer the following questions.

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  • 1.

    Introduction ParagraphYour introduction paragraph is the first impression that your

    readers will get of your paper.

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  • Does your Introduction Paragraph have all of the following elements?

    A hook?

    This is your chance to grab the readers attention with an interesting statement.

    Background information?

    Here is where you connect the hook to the thesis statement.

    A thesis statement?

    A thesis statement is an opinion that can be proven and is worth proving to others.

    If not, what elements are missing?

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  • Does your hook use one of the methods learned in the introduction blog?

    If so, which one?

    Does this method relate the best to your argument?

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  • Background InfoDoes the background information show why the

    hook and thesis statement are relevant?

    If not,How should you improve the background information?

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  • 2.

    Thesis StatementYour essay should be built around your thesis statement.

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  • Check mark all the questions that apply

    The thesis statement is easy to identify:

    The thesis statement makes it clear what the subject of the essay will be:

    The thesis statement tells what the writer of the essay thinks about the subject:

    The thesis statement has at least two points of support or contention:

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  • Thesis Statement

    What elements of the thesis statement are strong and clear?

    What elements of the thesis statement are missing or unclear?

    How can you make the thesis statement stronger or clear?

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  • 3.

    Body ParagraphsYour body paragraphs contain the meat of your essay.

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  • Your Body Paragraphs need each of the following:

    Topic Sentence

    Transition Word Detail

    Commentary Conclusion Sentence

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  • Are there at least 2 body paragraphs?

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  • Topic SentencesIs there a topic sentence in each body


    Does the topic sentence refer to the points of support or contention from the thesis statement??

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  • Yes or no?

    Does each detail sentence have a transition word?

    Yes or no?

    Are the transition words appropriately varied?

    Transition Words

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  • Details

    Are there at least two details in each body paragraph?

    Do the details fall under one of the categories discussed in the details blog?

    Do the details support the topic sentence?

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  • Commentary

    The commentary falls under one of the categories discussed in the commentary blog:

    The commentary makes the details clearer and easier to understand:

    The commentary uses the what and why method:

    There are at least two sentences of commentary for every detail:

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  • Conclusion Sentence

    Does the concluding sentence close out the body paragraph well?

    Does the concluding sentence transitions well into the next topic?

    If so, why? If not, why?

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  • 4.

    Concluding ParagraphYour concluding paragraph is the bow that ties your essay together.

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  • Recap of what the reader

    learned in the body


    Restatement of the thesis?

    Sum up sentence?

    Does the concluding paragraph have all of the following?

  • Is the sum up sentence powerful


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  • GeneralLook at your essay as a whole.


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  • WhatIs your overall impression of the piece?

    What Did you like about the essay?

    Does it Feelcomplete?

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  • Editing and Revising

    Now that you have answered all the questions,Rewrite your essay with the new edits and revisions.

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  • Or give us a call!

    We can help you edit your essay!

    (949) 681-0388

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