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This pitch-deck is for 5 minute pitch, supported by speaking.

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  • 1. remote internships

2. As an employee, restricting your job search to companies within a reasonable commute means youre not working for the best company you can.!2 3. INTERNSHIP AT FACEBOOK REMOTELY !7 4. MARKETPLACE TO MATCH 5. INTERNSHIP IS AN INVESTMENT!9 6. INTERNSHIP ROI INTERNSHIP IS AN INVESTMENT USUALLY IS LIKE THIS!10 7. INTERNSHIP IS AN INVESTMENT!11 8. INTERNSHIP IS AN INVESTMENT!12 9. INTERNSHIP ROI SHOULD BE LIKE THIS!13 10. INTERNSHIP MANAGEMENT SYSTEM MARKETING INTERNSHIP! AT ! SOCOCO 11. HIRE & MANAGE!15 12. MARKETPLACENO MANAGEMENT TOOLSMANAGEMENT TOOLSSTANDALONE 13. >5B$ SPEND IN US!17 14. HOW WE GET STUDENTS 15. HOW WE GET COMPANIES 16. Virtual internships in rising demand 1000000 750000 500000 250000 020112012201320142015 17. BUSINESS MODEL StandartPremium1 gb50-200 gbPostings per month1Unlimited# of interns23-50Free2400-6000$ / yearIMS Knowledge spacePrice+ 8% fee from paid internships 18. Mike Chief TechnicianArtem The marketeer20+ yrs tech experienceindustry expertiseIlya The leaderDenis The Hackercorporate and startup experience