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<p>I wanted to get a silhouette of the subjects face so that when I uploaded it to my ancillaries I can overlay it with text. Therefore I started off with levels and then removed the background and part of the face using the magic eraser tool.In order to get a simple black and white silhouette of the image, I used a B&amp;W gradient tool which darkened the image, becoming under exposed.To increase the exposure of the subjects I used levels again and adjusted the plectrum towards the left of the scale. This brought out the highlights almost in the style of a vector image.The image looked a little too dark so I increased the offset slightly using curves. This helped washout the shadows slightly. Once I did this, I used curves again as I wanted to flatten the highlights slightly so eventually the image would have just one silhouette with no highlights.However, once I got rid of the highlights I realised that once I upload the image on to the ancillaries and overlay it with a coloured gradient it wont show up as well as the shadows would blend into the background.Therefore I used levels again to bring back the highlights but at a more flat tone so it wasnt as exposed as previously seen. I uploaded the image into Photoshop as I wanted to create an abstract image that would help create synergy between the ancillaries. It also will create synergy between the music video as it is abstract in parts as well.</p> <p>This is what the final image looks like on the ancillaries. In order to create synergy between the products I included the same image with the same gradient overlaid that correspond to the colours seen within them.</p>