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1. In the original image my legs were very pinkand ranged in a variety of different tones. Tohelp make the image look more professionaland smooth we used the Quick Select Tool tohighlight the area of my legs to change. TheEye Dropper Tool then allowed us to take thecolour from my arms and replace the skin onmy legs with this colour. To further enhancethis area we adjusted the levels. This came outfar too dull and pasty so we reverted back tothe second original which was smooth andperfectly toned. 2. As well as airbrushing my face we edited and enhanced other features including my eyes. To do this we used the Quick Selection Tool again and highlighted my pupils. Selected Overlay and had the Mode on Highlights this added a warm glow and added vibrance to my eyes. We think that it looks effective as they stand out more and can enable an easier connection with the audience through eye contact as the vibrance helps to make them look stronger, fixated on something and complete focus.As well as editing the colour of my legs weadjusted the tones in my face to less red/pinkand more of a neutral colour. In addition tothis we used the Healing Brush Tool to airbrush the imperfections on my face. Thisproved effective as the clear face lookedprofessional and typical of the conventionalmagazine image. We also used the same toolediting out any freckles or marks on the rest ofmy body shown. This was to ensure it lookedpure and stereotypical of the perfectairbrushed skin. 3. For the shoot I originally wore dark eye shadow complimented by black mascara and eye liner. However once photographed the darkness and shadows in the eye make up were not as strong as they could be. To help make the image stronger and more conventional we added in more make up through Photoshop. Firstly we chose the Brush Tool and the opacity at 85% in order to make it slightly faded so as it looks natural.Secondly we touched up around the edges ofmy eyes to create a simple smudge effect ofnatural make up and create tones and shadowsaround my eyes to help make them stand outmore. 4. Even though we like the original image we decidedThis is the original image and shows the that it was too dark and the tinted glow was tooexact lighting of when the photographstrong. To edit the image and make it clearer wewas taken. There is a slight warmth to selected different parts of the image and changed the colour levels. The background we changed thethe lighting. Especially around my body white balance making the whole image brighter andand this strongly enhances the clearer as it eliminated the shadows giving it ashadows. As well as this there is asleeker effect and making the image look morewarm tint on my face making it darkerprofessional and typical of a magazine front coverand less clear.image.