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Italy shouldn't get all the credit.. Van Eyck figured out how to do oil painting (or at least perfect it) and realism started here in Flanders.For Ms. Fuentes AP Art History Class

Text of Early northernrenaissance

  • Early Northern Renaissance 15th century (Holland & Belgium today) Italy shouldnt get all the credit!!!
  • Netherlands in 15th century
    • Most populated area of Europe
    • Most prosperous economy: capitalism, middle class merchants
    • Trade in wool, farming, banking
    • Art patrons: Church, merchangs
    • Artists: considered craftspeople, workshops
    • Artwork: manuscript illumination, panel paintings on wood (not much sculpture)
  • Why was early Northern Renaissance so important?
    • Take notes on each artwork & artist in video.. Most are flashcards
    • Early Northern Renaissance: Supreme Art
    • Flashcards on internet will NOT have the details you will put those from your notes rather than relying on me to type them for you!!!
  • Champmoi Altarpiece, Meichior Broererlam, 1393-99, Oil on Wood Panel STUDENT PRESENT ON OIL PAINTING & PAINTING IN THE NETHERLANDS & FLANDERS
  • Man in a Red Turban , Jan van Eyck, 1433 Early N. Renaissance Possibly self portrait Lettered, educated artist, diplomat.. Rose above level of craftsman Brother Hubert was also artist Pioneered oil painting and atmospheric perspective Paintings full of iconography (symbolism) WHY WAS OIL PAINTING SO IMPORTANT (STUDENT PRESENTATION) Flashcard
  • Marriage of Arnolfini (Double Portrait), Jan van Eyck, 15 th century Northern Renaissance - Early Flashcard 1 st full length portrait ; SIGNED Mirror was not a clich, new feature Signed with text indicating this was like a marriage certificate Full of iconography; marriage bed window was outside/mans world, 1 candle represented God in the chandelier, dog respresents fidelity, See your notes for more details.
  • Ghent Altarpiece, Closed, Anunciation with Donors 1432 (flashcard) GET NOTES FROM STUDENT PRESENTATION Donors praying in corner, annunciation (Mary) in upper section, statues in center are painted. Considered to launch Northern Renaissance!! Van Eyck master of perspective, oil painting in layers, humanism in figures portrayed Hubert & Jan van Eyck
  • Ghent Altarpiece open-flashcard Notes from video in class
  • What were altarpieces used for?
  • Rogier Van der Weyden Portait of a Lady (Flashcard) 1455 - oil & tempera on wood panel Popularized half lengh pose, profile Triangular composition GET NOTES FROM CLASS & VIDEO
  • Deposition , Rogier Van de Weyden, 1435 Oil on wood panel Flashcard Moving forms, S-curve Showed individualized grief
  • Rogier van der Weyden, Last Judgment Altarpiece (closed), shownig donors N. rolin & Guigone de salins, oil on wood panel
  • Rogier van der Weyden, Last Judgment Altarpiece (open) IMPORTANCE OF OIL PAINTING GLAZES -brilliant colors -more realistic modeling of figures -could be reworked -
  • Oil painting even spread as far as Spain & Portugal Nuno Goncalves painted this piece Saint Vincent with the Royal Portuguese Family 7 x 4, 1465 IT ALL STARTED IN THE NORTH FLANDERS, NETHERLANDS, BELGIUM
  • Islamic influence
    • Oriental rugs much prized (Islamic woven carpets)
    • Via China, porcelain designs were much copied
    • Calligraphy & pseudo Arabic script in early Renaissance and proto-Renaissance paintings
  • Virgin & Child, 1450 Jean Fouquet Example of court style painting in France Richness of Burgundy area Fouquet was influenced by Flemish painting Red & blue cherubs tapestry like background
  • Book of Hours (Tres Riches Heures), illuminated book on parchment, flashcard Limbourg Brothers, Early Northern Renaissance ---portrayed peasant laborers!!!
  • Elaborate tapestries w/real gold,silver threads were made for upper classes Many destroyed during French revolution Unicorn is found at the Fountain Also decorative arts with expensive materials, finely worked, popular to show richness & importance
  • Saint Ursula Reliquiary (Painted & gilded oak) 34 x 36 x 13 1489, Bruges, Belgium Richly detailed paintings
  • Well of Moses, Dijon, France; Claus Sluter Large limestone sculpture, originally painted Very individualized & detailed Horizontal draperies Sculpture freed from architectural setting as in Gothic times Inset Death of the Virgin, Gothic period, Strasbourg Cathedral
  • The Merode Altarpiece (open), Triptych of the Annunciation, oil on wood, Robert Campin. 1425-28. FLASHCARD GET NOTES FROM STUDENT PRESENTATION Hint: 3-D realism, iconography. Donors shown..tiny Christ child in window , Josephs carpentry shop = City of Bruges.. Lily? Symbol of??????
  • Detail from Merode Altarpiece
  • Hugo van der Goes-student of van der Weyden Combined intellectual of van Eyck with emotions of van der Weyden Portinari Altarpiece (detail from open panel), 1474, Tempera & oil on wood panel PAINTED PEASANTS (like Limbourg Brothers ) unheard of.. Reality coming into contact with divine Did show medieval tradition of different sized people Children also portrayed Iconography Christ threatened by evil
  • Center panel of Portinary Altarpiece by Van Goes Angels are small, peasants large
  • Right hand panel of Portinary Altarpiece (open)
  • Detail from Portinary Altarpiece
  • Printmaking woodblock Explosion of learning in Europe Demand for books Artists began drawing on to the blocks for the craftsmen to cut the blocks and print Illustrated stories, medical treatises, Bibles, etc.
  • Demons tormenting Saint Anthony Engraving, 1480 Engraving allows more fine details and shadings Demons are physically torturing the impassive Saint Anthony in this piece.
  • Role of Women in the Arts Some women worked as illuminators or learned from fathers/husbands Mary of Burgundy was famous patron of the arts, shown here in a book of the hours created for her.

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