Do You Ever WONDER About Bread? Quiz

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A quick 10 questions powerpoint quiz about bread!



2. 1.Unleavened bread doesn't rise. What is the missing ingredient? Dough Yeast Flour 3. 2. What date was the first ever bread made? Around 10,000 B.C Around 20,000 B.C Around 30,000 B.C 4. 3. What dangerous element was added to bread to whiten it in the 19th century? Chlorine Cyanide Alum 5. 4. Who was the inventor of sliced bread? Edwin Rye James Hovis Otto Rohwedder 6. 5. In which part of England does saffron bread traditionally come from? Cornwall Yorkshire Norfolk 7. 6. What kind of bread is a grissini? An Italian sandwich A bread stick A crouton 8. 7. What is the name of the unleavened bread sometimes served as an accompaniment with Indian food? Dhansak Bhaji Chapatis 9. 8. There are two essential ingredients bread must contain. Water is one what is the other? Yeast Flour Butter 10. 9. Which country boasts the highest p bread eaten per person in the world? Germany France United States 11. 10. Crust is the outside of a loaf, but what term do bakers use for the inside part? Crumb Dough The Whites 12. DO YOU EVER ABOUT BREAD??