DNA at Dalian

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  1. 1. Neusoft - ALPINE - Aizu DNA s1210082 Misato Morino
  2. 2. Self Introduction University of Aizu 2nd grade Computer science and Technology iOS developer (Swift)
  3. 3. in Dalian Chinese and Design Pattern class in Internship in ALPINE Cultural exchange with Chinese people
  4. 4. In the University Students are Diligence Long school hours Eagerness What one likes, one will do best.
  5. 5. Classes Chinese Class Design Pattern Class
  6. 6. Internship in ALPINE Meeting demands from clients Cost & Surplus Responsibility for warranty Skill of technology and language, enterprising Whats the point at issue?
  7. 7. CHINA People include students are really positive and active. Many people are kind. There are some different culture between Japan and China.
  8. 8. Cultural Exchange Sightseeing Chat
  9. 9. In my future Study abroad in America (Rose Hulman Institute of Technology) for a half year Come to Dalian again Study harder
  10. 10. Thank you