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Dlt workshop 1

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Text of Dlt workshop 1

  • 1. BSN Digital Learning Team
    • Leading Change in Innovative Practices using ICT

2. Shift in context, shift in practice...

  • Learning to change, changing to learn video

3. What has this meant for YOU?

  • How has YOUR context changed over the past 12 months?
  • How has this been linked to your contexts outside of work?
  • 3 ways that your practice has changed?
  • 2 ways that you have you impacted on the practice of others?
  • 1 way that your practices impacted on how students use technology to learn?

4. What we have agreed on so far...

  • Structure of each Focus Group Session will be:
  • Overview (30 mins) - the focus, context of the school, the changeprocess, what to look for in the obervation
  • Observation (30 mins) - protocols, non-judgmental, interact with students
  • Have a go - hands on session learning the tools
  • Action Planning - contextualising this for my school, challenges, opportunities, what will I do now, how did it go?

5. Whos Doing What? 6. Feedback from our Network Leaders...

  • The leaders of our Network were asked what they think the participants that attend the sessions from their schools should expect to:
  • SEE
  • DO
  • BE EXPECTED TO DO (post the session)

7. Setting the scene... WHO ARE WE? WHAT HAVE WE DONE? WHY? HOW DID WE DO IT? WHAT HAS THE IMPACT BEEN? 8. Hatties Big 4 9. Outline of the session - Learning Intention

  • What will the participants LEARN from your session?
  • Teacher practice?
  • Student learning?
  • Leadership?
  • Strategies?

10. What is BEST PRACTICE?

  • TASK:
  • In pairs - read over the Digital Learning document that you have been given
  • Discuss what is says about: TEACHER PRACTICE and STUDENT LEARNING
  • Share - feedback the main points to the group


  • DEECD Digital Learning Statement
  • e5 Teacher Journal - Blooms Digital Taxonomy
  • ICT skills and concepts chart - VELS
  • ICT Domain Standards descriptors - VELS
  • ePotential Continuum - DEECD website

12. Sharing best practice...

  • Is this an example of best practice using Digital Learning Tools?

What would the TASK have been? What were the skills required? What COULD have been done differently? 13. The imperatives of sharing best practice...

  • Observations must show demonstrateSTUDENTengagement and understanding
  • Demonstrations must show evidence of change ofTEACHERpractice
  • Wecannot showglitzing up stuff, busy work, stuff for fun

14. Observations - what do we know works?

  • Learning to see/unlearn to judge
  • Based on the Instructional Core
  • Participant to collect an observation - what NEW learning will I take away from this?

15. What does this mean for me?

  • Why do we need the participants to Action Plan for their next level of work?

Supporting an Action Planning process

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