Digital Storytelling to Enhance Writing and Engage Your Elementary Students

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1. Digital Storytelling to enhance writing and engage your elementary students Lyn Hilt * July 21, 2015 * Simple K-12 2. Thanks for joining me today! Elementary Instructional Technology Integrator/ Coach Former K-6 Principal Writer of stories! Contact: @lynhilt on Twitter Blog: 3. Resources for You 4. What is digital storytelling? the art of telling stories combined with multimedia shared, published, and amplified with digital tools a way to share learning spans the curriculum Image shared by LMRitchie via Flickr brings the relationship between context and content to life 5. - Silvia Tolisano transmit knowledge, culture, perspectives and points of view. Storytelling, no matter in what form and created in whatever media, is a powerful tool to 6. It is the act of telling our personal story of what we know and understand from an event or topic that provides a Source "sense-making" process enabling our brains to organize a myriad of factoids while also increasing sticking power. -Bernajean Porter 7. Source 8. Image: Silvia Tolisano 9. Image from Enokson via Flickr The story form becomes a way to shape curricula, build units of instruction, and frame academic arguments. Above all, stories become the cornerstone of constructivist learning, in which students become heroes of their own learning adventures. Jason Ohler 10. Image: Silvia Tolisano What do students learn when they write and publish their stories? From Jason Ohler 11. Image:BernajeanPorter 12. It starts with story. Alyssa L. Miller via Compfight 13. Meaning making vs. media making Image shared by Kathy Cassidy via Flickr 14. From Jason Ohler 15. Image from Bernajean Porter via 16. Make a plan. Image shared by thelearningprojectasia via via Silvia Tolisano 17. Developing story topics Writing the story Images Supplementing images from the web Storyboarding Digital editing Recording voice over Choosing a soundtrack Effects Production and presentation Jon Orechs Down and Dirty DST steps 1. Point of View 2. Dramatic Question 3. Emotional Content 4. Gift of Your Voice 5. Power of Soundtrack 6. Economy 7. Pacing 7 Elements of a Digital Story John Lambert Center for Digital Storytelling 18. From Bernajean Porters From Bernajean Porters From Tracy Wantanabe 19. Image shared by thelearningprojectasia via Flickr 20. Six Word Stories Six Word Memoirs viaBrainPickings 21. Story Creation Apps 22. Video Creation 23. allows creation of original artwork and import of other media records voice narration simple interface for even the youngest students to use free student and teacher accounts Assignments tool and Common Core templates sharing options: embed, mp4 and PDF downloads, links, Class Page iOS app available! 24. stunning artwork to accompany text - write stories and poetry inspires creative, detail-oriented writing web-based - app coming soon! free accounts for teachers and students projects can have multiple collaborators student work is private, teachers can manage sharing with classmates & family commenting 25. Jason Ohler- Digital Storytelling in the Classroom: New Media Pathways to Literacy, Learning, and Creativity Silvia Tolisano- Bernajean Porter- My wiki with additional storytelling resources: 26. Happy storytelling! Image shared via Flickr by ashleyrosex @lynhilt on Twitter *


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