Students’ Use of Digital Storytelling to Enhance Media Literacy Skills

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Digital storytelling (DST) activities in the classroom are an increasingly popular way to promote learner autonomy and digital competency. However, if you're looking to implement DST in your classroom, how do you get started? What contexts are appropriate and what resources are necessary to carry out DST projects? This session will provide some best practices and lessons learned from instructors of a preservice teacher course that uses DST in the classroom.


<ul><li> 1. Students Use of Digital Storytelling toEnhance Media Literacy SkillsDavid Des Armier, Jr.; Tonia A. Dousay; Craig ShepherdUniversity of Wyoming</li></ul> <p> 2. Media Literacy a series of communicationcompetencies, including theability to ACCESS, ANALYZE,EVALUATE, and COMMUNICATEinformation in a variety offorms, including print and non-printmessages. [NAMLE, 2014] 3. ContextPhoto by pasukaru76 / CC BYPhoto by Matija Grguric / CC BYPhoto by Jeff Friesen / CC BY 4. Getting StartedPlanningProducingEditingSharing 5. Resources 6. Davids Experience </p>


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