Designing strategically aligned credentialing systems with open badges to engage and meet the needs of digital learners - Grainne Hamilton and Shelaine Douglas - Jisc Digital Festival 2014

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Open badges are digital credentials that earners can display anywhere on the web. They are underpinned by an open accreditation infrastructure developed by Mozilla, which enables the issuing of open badges to recognise granular achievements gained through formal and informal learning opportunities and to capture attributes not picked up in formal qualifications, such as the individual qualities that could help a student stand out in the job market. This workshop will focus on effective open badge system development, introducing Mozilla and Jisc toolkits to support badge system design and a strategic approach to implementing open badges in a formal education context. The session will be led by Mozilla and Jisc, and will include tips, case studies and guidance on best practice in badge system design. Participants will gain hands-on experience with tools they can use for developing open badge systems for motivating learning, supporting engagement and progression and enhancing employability.

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  • 1.Grainne Hamilton and Shelaine Douglas, Jisc RSC Scotland Designing StrategicallyAligned DigitalCredentialing Systems with Open Badges to Engage and Meet the Needs of Digital Learners From Flickr by Vito

2. Institutional Strategies Examples of some current strategic drivers Graduate attributes Digital identities Internationalisation Think about one of your own institutions strategic drivers and note it on the Design Toolkit RSCtv - Open Badges 19/02/2014 2 Examples 3. Activities and attributes What skills, attributes and understanding could students demonstrate in relation to your institutional strategic driver? What non-accredited activities or attributes relate to it? Note these down on the front page of the DesignToolkit RSCtv - Open Badges 19/02/2014 3 Aligning with institutional strategy 4. Develop a credential In pairs, take one of the activities or attributes you have noted and consider this in terms of a credential Who would the credential be awarded to? Why? What criteria would need to be met in order to receive the credential? Use the inside section of theToolkit and in pairs, work through this for one of the credentials. Then work on a credential your partner has developed RSCtv - Open Badges 19/02/2014 4 Think about what you would recognise and how 5. Institutional strategy aligned credentials Example credentials related to strategic drivers Graduate attributes Eg credential awarded for mentoring others - graduates showing leadership qualities Digital identities Eg credential awarded for developing a professional profile on theVLE Internationalisation Eg credentials awarded to recognise learning taking place in MOOCs RSCtv - Open Badges 19/02/2014 5 Examples 6. Open Badges RSCtv - Open Badges 19/02/2014 6 A digital accreditation infrastructure 7. RSCtv - Open Badges 19/02/2014 7 Digital credentials called Open Badges 8. Open Badges RSCtv - Open Badges 19/02/2014 8 Information infused images From Flickr by dun-deagh 9. Open Badges RSCtv - Open Badges 19/02/2014 9 Information infused digital images Image by Kyle Bowen 10. RSCtv - Open Badges 19/02/2014 10 Assessments and identification of learning, attributes and competencies An open infrastructure for issuing, managing and sharing the credentials 11. Open Badges RSCtv - Open Badges 19/02/2014 11 Digital credentials earners can display online On: Professional profiles, e.g. LinkedIn / Blogs / Personal websites / Social media / e-Portfolios... 12. Open Badges RSCtv - Open Badges 19/02/2014 12 What people are saying about Open Badges It was nice to see a badges scheme in operation. I really did think that collecting badges incentivised my participation. Participant, Jisc e-Assessment for Learning course We believe that Open Badges have enormous potential in motivating learning, improving retention and in presenting the skills of our learners in way that is clear and accessible for them and employers. In this way, Open Badges will help our learners stand out in the jobs market. Vice-Principal:Quality and Innovation, Borders College. 13. Open Badges RSCtv - Open Badges 19/02/2014 13 What people are saying about Open Badges while academic achievements can be evidenced by anacademic transcript, there is no such evidence of so-called soft skills the personal attributes that enhance a graduates work ethic, job performance, interaction with work colleagues and, ultimately, their career prospects. I am convinced that Open Badges can evidence the development of these personal attributes in a way that is recognisable to, and trusted by, employers. TomCaira, Chair of the IndustrialAdvisory Board (Computing). University of theWest of Scotland 14. RSCtv - Open Badges 19/02/2014 14 Jisc RSC Scotland Founded and facilitate the Open Badges in Scottish Education Group (OBSEG) IssuingOpen Badges since 2012 Raising awareness and supporting the sector since 2011 Facilitating Open Badges Developments 15. Connecting over Open Badges The Open Badges in Scottish Education Group (OBSEG) is hosted by Jisc and performs an: Overview and mapping function ofOpen Badge developments in Scottish education Oversees a number of sub-groups Provides a forum for discussion and the formation of connections RSCtv - Open Badges 19/02/2014 15 Open Badges in Scottish Education Group 16. Open Badges areas of interest The Open Badges in Scottish Education Group (OBSEG) hosts the following sub-groups: Learner Progress Staff Development Technology and Design RSCtv - Open Badges 19/02/2014 16 Open Badges in Scottish Education Group 17. RSCtv - Open Badges 19/02/2014 17 Jisc RSC Scotland Issuing badges to: Recognise contribution to the learning of others Accredit the acquisition and application of knowledge Reward the sharing of practice Increase the learning of the sector Motivate engagement with Jisc services Recognising the work of the sector From Flickr by justus.thane 18. ScottishQualificationsAuthority The Scottish Qualifications Authority supports the concept of Open Badges and is working in partnership with the Open Badges in Scottish Education Group to support the adoption of Open Badges across a range of sectors.We believe that the infrastructure promotes and supports greater flexibility for learning and the recognition of achievement. RSCtv - Open Badges 19/02/2014 18 Meeting the needs of digital learners JoeWilson, Head of NewVentures, SQA. Experimental Blog, October 2013 19. RSCtv - Open Badges 19/02/2014 19 ScottishQualificationsAuthority Informal learning to formal certification Single competencies and outcomes Recognition for chunks of learning smaller than would normally be recognised in national certification and national credit rating systems Accreditation of prior learning Issuing with the SQAAcademy Investigating Open Badges 20. RSCtv - Open Badges 19/02/2014 20 Borders College Using Open Badges to: Motivate learners and improve retention through stepped achievements Encourage staff CPD Enhance employability through recognising soft / additional skills Improve digital literacies with Moodle Open Badges Improving motivation / enhancing employability 21. RSCtv - Open Badges 19/02/2014 21 Borders College Break up the sometimes difficult learning journey Recognise small achievements = improved Key Performance Indicators Encourage returners Enable Student differentiation = 21st Century CV highlights differences From Flickr by Michael_Schmatz Improving motivation / enhancing employability 22. Open Badges Provide evidence of employability skills and attributes not picked up in formal qualifications Showcase attributes alongside academic qualifications on a professional profile such as LinkedIn Employers can search online to identify individuals with the right mix of skills and attributes for a specific job Access evidence of the attributes or skills that have been badged Create and influence relationships with employers by having them endorse your badges or your theirs RSCtv - Open Badges 19/02/2014 22 Opportunities 23. Getting started RSCtv - Open Badges 19/02/2014 23 Design considerations and tools Key considerations include: Badge systems design Badge content design Badge brand design Cycle through these, while developing the design of your badges to ensure appropriate badges, a flexible badge system and consistent badge brand 24. Badge system design RSCtv - Open Badges 19/02/2014 24 Considerations What do you want to badge and why? Ensure your badge system can grow Think about constellations and pathways From Flickr by Kris Williams 25. Badge content design RSCtv - Open Badges 19/02/2014 25 Considerations Who is your badge is for? Why would someone want to earn the badge? What: Skills / Attributes / Understanding are represented by the badge? Behaviours do you want to encourage? Criteria is required to earn the badge? Evidence will be linked to (if at all)? Modes of assessment are appropriate? Endorsement agreements, channels will you use? Systems, tags, sustainability requirements are there? 26. RSCtv - Open Badges 19/02/2014 26 27. Badge brand design RSCtv - Open Badges 19/02/2014 27 Considerations How will the badge visual design represent you? What consistent visual identifiers will you use for key elements of your badges? Who will design your badge brand design? What systems or tools will you use to design your badge? 28. Open BadgesTools Jisc Open Badges Design Sheet due March 2014 Mozilla BadgeKit due March / April 2014 DigitalMe Resources - Issuing platforms include: Wordpress Moodle Blackboard Design platforms include: Badgemaker - - RSCtv - Open Badges 19/02/2014 28 Some tools to help you get started 29. Further information Jisc Regional Support Centre (RSC) Scotland pilot of Open Badges: Mozillas Open Badges site - how to use the Open Badge Infrastructure to earn, issue and display Open Badges: Open Badges in Scottish Education Group: #OBSEG Open Badges case studies: badges Open Badges blog posts: rsc- RSCtv - Open Badges 19/02/2014 29 30. Questions? RSCtv - Open Badges 19/02/2014 30 From Flickr by Vito