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  • THE PSYCHEDELIC 60s By: Danielle Mackson
  • MAJOR EVENTS -The first debate for a Presidential election between President Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy in 1960. -In 1961, Kennedy moves into the White House and gives his famous speech. -The Soviets sent the first man to space and President Kennedy wanted an American man on the moon and back before the decade ended. -In 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. made his famous I have a dream speech.
  • -President John. F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas on November 22. -The Beatles, a British rock band started to become very famous and popular. -Dr. Christian Barnard performed the first heart transplant in 1967 in Capetown, South Africa. -Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in 1968
  • -Shirley Chisholm was elected Americas first Black women to Congress -The Woodstock Music Festival Occurred in 1969 -On July 20, 1969 at 4:18 P.M. Apollo 11 landed on the moon.
  • POLITICAL CHANGES AND EVENTS -The Civil Rights Act was passed with the help of Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. -With the election of President Kennedy, the 60s was seen as a new political era. -An important war, the Vietnam War, took place all through the 60s. -The rise of a mass movement in opposition to the Vietnam War, known as the antiwar movement took place in 1969.
  • -In 1967, the 6 Day War between the Israelis and Arabs occurred. -In 1961, the Berlin Wall was built.
  • ARTS, ENTERTAINMENT, AND MUSIC -The 1960s was a decade full of diverse, exciting entertainment, arts, and music. -At the time, the Beatles and Elvis Presley were the most popular music artists in the world. -The Woodstock Music Festival took place in 1969; It was the most famous rock festivals of its era.
  • -In the 60s, art began to change and become more interesting -Color televison was invented and become common in homes. -Television channels in the 60s were peaceful and appropriate for all family members, unlike most channels today.
  • -The 1960s came to be known as the British invasion of American music. -Elvis started to become big and competed with the Beatles -The top 10 songs of the decade were Hey Jude, the theme from A Summer Place, Tossin and Turnin, I want to hold your hand, Im a Believer, I Heard It Through the Grapevine, Aguarius/Let The Sun Shine In, Are You Lonesome Tonight?, In the Year 2525, and lastly, Its Not or Never. While those were the top ten, there were many other hits, too.
  • -The top television shows of the decade were Gunsmoke, Wagon Train, The Andy Griffith Show, Rawhide, Candid Camera, The Untouchables, The Price is Right, Dennis the Menace, The Danny Thomas Show, My Three Sons, The Ed Sullivan Show, Perry Mason, Bonanza, The Flinstones, the Red Skelton Show, Sesame Street, and The Munsters. -The hit musical Sound of Music was created in 1965 -Some of the most famous music, bands, shows, songs, arts, and plays of the 60s are still well known today.
  • FADS AND FASHIONS -The 60s style was known to be unique and funky. -It was the decade of hippies so there were many different kinds of styles. -For shoes, high boots with a small heel were commonly worn. -For women, pearly nail polish colors were in. -Pale lipstick and black eyeliner were in style, too. Many women wore false eyelashes.
  • -Mini skirts and bell bottom pants, wide-legged pants, were a huge fashion trend in the 60s. -For hairstyles, the Vidal Sassoon and afros were extremely popular. Young girls ironed their hair for a more stylish look. -Turtlenecks were popular, too. -The hippie look was usually a funky button down shirt for guys, and a regular pull over shirt for girls which contained either tie-dye or flowers.
  • -Kids in grade school did dress more conservatively. -Some of the cars that were fads in the 1960s were the Jaguar XK-E, in 1963, the Ford Mustang in 1965, and the Mercedes 280SE in 1968. We still see the Ford Mustang around today. -The Twist was the most popular dance in the decade. -Lava Lamps, invented in the mid 60s, were in many homes or public places for decoration. -Mood rings were popular, too. -Go-Go boots, created in 1965 by Andre Courreges, a leading French fashion designer, were worn by women from Los Angeles to New York, at nightclubs all over.
  • FOOD OF THE 1960s -Space age food, instant things from mixes and cans that astronauts took to outer space, was a trend in the 1960s. -There were the modern gourmets, too. -Julia Child started a food revolution. -Beef wellington, and beef and cheese fondues were commonly eaten and served at most restaurants. -The late sixties saw a swing toward the whole foods such as homemade breads and vegetarian food. This was also a decade of lots and lots of junk food. -Steak Diane, Swedish meatballs, Buffalo wings, milkshakes, hamburgers, malts, soul food, surf & turf, Japanese steak houses, tang, and fudge cake were all eaten in the 1960s.
  • INVENTIONS -Technology was improving lifestyles more and more as the century went on. -Roy Jacuzzi invented the first real jacuzzi, whirlpool bath. -Christian Barnard performed the first human heart transplant on a patient whom was suffering from heart disease. -The biggest invention of the 1960s was the computer.
  • -Population 177,830,000 -Unemployment 3,852,000 -National Debt 286.3 Billion -Average Salary $4,743 -Teacher's Salary $5,174 -Minimum Wage $1.00 -Life Expectancy: Males 66.6 years, Females 73.1 years -Auto deaths 21.3 per 100,000 -An estimated 850,000 "war baby" freshmen enter college; emergency living quarters are set up in dorm lounges, hotels and trailer camps. FACTS ABOUT THE DECADE
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