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  1. 1. UseUse Context CluesContext Clues Stop no need to runStop no need to run to the dictionary! Theto the dictionary! The meaning of the wordmeaning of the word you dont know mayyou dont know may be right there in thebe right there in the text!text! C. BlonskiC. Blonski 12/1212/12
  2. 2. What are Context Clues? Context Clues are words in and around a sentence containing an unknown word. The clues help us understand the meaning of the unfamiliar word. Knowing about Context Clues is especially useful for content area reading. Content area reading is reading that you do in different subject areas such as social studies, science and even math!
  3. 3. There are four common types of context clues to look for: Synonyms Antonyms Definitions Examples or Explanations
  4. 4. A synonym is: Context Clues as a Synonym a word with a meaning similar to another word So Look for the word in the sentence that could be a synonym for the unknown word: There was pandemonium, or chaos among the fans when their team won the Super Bowl. pandemonium = chaos
  5. 5. An antonym is: Context Clues as an Antonym a word with a meaning opposite of another word Antonym context clues are a little trickier. You need to look for words in the sentence which Indicate an opposite meaning: Some children were willing to play in the snow, but others were reluctant because it was so cold. reluctant = not willing What words helped you know? ____ _______
  6. 6. Context Clues as a Definition The meaning of the vocabulary word is in the sentence itself. It often follows the unknown word. In order to become law, all 13 colonies had to ratify, or approve, the Constitution. ratify = approve Right there!! These are common types of clues especially in social studies and science!
  7. 7. Context Clues as an Example This type of context clue uses examples to help explain the meaning of the unknown word. Nutritious foods, such as fruits and vegetables, help our bodies grow. nutritious = healthy What examples were given? fruits and vegetables
  8. 8. Context Clues as an Explanation This type of context clue uses an explanation or description of a situation or experience to help us infer the meaning of an unfamiliar word. I was aghast when I found my neighbor had robbed the jewelry store and stolen $100,000 in diamonds! Given this situation, how would you feel? aghast = shocked
  9. 9. Sometimes the context clues arent obvious. You will need to use your background knowledge and the words being used to infer or draw a conclusion. How you interpret the word can affect your overall understanding of the text. Slow down and read carefully when you encounter unfamiliar words! Are you ready for a little fun?
  10. 10. Can you use context clues to guess theCan you use context clues to guess the meaning of ameaning of a nonsensenonsense word?word? I love my peramangada. I got him when I was in first grade. He has four short legs and gray hair. He does not like strangers, especially when they come around my house. My peramangada sleeps at the foot of my bed every night. When I come home from school, he always tries to jump up and lick my face. My peramangada is so cute!
  11. 11. Wouldnt you love a sweet peramangada like mine?
  12. 12. Use the following clues to guess this mystery person!
  13. 13. I was born on February 12, 1809.
  14. 14. My first home was a log cabin in Kentucky.
  15. 15. I was a lawyer in Illinois and known for being honest.
  16. 16. I was President of the United States during the Civil War.
  17. 17. Abraham Lincoln
  18. 18. One more chance to prove our smarts! Can we name the Context Clue type? The monkeys vociferous chatter made me wish I had earplugs. Explanation Unlike Johns room, which was immaculate, Jeffs room was very messy. Antonym Many companies are downsizing, or reducing the number of employees they have, in order to save money. Definition
  19. 19. We remembered to bring all the provisions, such as food, water and warm clothing on the hike. Example Her quiet, timid ways made it hard for her to make friends. Synonym