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  • 1. What is a Content Audit?A content audit is the process of taking inventory and evaluating the quality and effectiveness of the content your company has created for a specific purpose within a certain set of content mediums. Often, content audits are restricted to online mediums, but content audits are useful across all mediums.

2. Online Content AuditQuantitative audit: We take stock of your entiresites content inventory and analyze thehierarchical structure of your content to ensurethat you have enough content about yourtopics.Qualitative audit: We analyze your contentsrelevance and the quality of the content that isprovided, while identifying your key content aswell as highlighting any issues such asduplicate, out-dated or stale content.Gap analysis: We benchmark your contentagainst your top competitors for target searchterms and provide a graded reportdemonstrating areas for improvement. 3. What is the Purpose of a Content Audit?Content inventories and audits are essential weapons in the content strategists eternal fight against purposeless and neglected content. 4. Content Audit Goals:1. Catalog the content your company has and where it lives, so it can easily be repurposed, resurrected, and updated for future needs.2. Evaluate the quality and effectiveness of each piece of content, so you can determine which content is important and should be kept, and what content can be removed and archived. This identifies which content tactics have been the most effective and which have not been so we can incorporate this into planning out your content marketing strategy.3. Track the repurposing process to ensure that content is being adequately repurposed and to make it easier to update this content over time. 5. What is a Content Matrix?A content matrix is a tool that prioritizes content production on the contentproduction activities that matter.Additionally, it helps keep the marketing strategy properly targeted on thefew factors that matter to a given buyer at a given stage in their buyer journey,thus maximizing the return on your companys content creation investment. 6. Trends & Patterns Revealed What comes out of an audit is evidence of what works and what doesnt. Analysis gives us an idea about which sections and content users have been accessing. We can also see whats being avoided. Which content is being used? Can it be expanded? What needs to go? What patterns are developing? Are there content-types that should be nixed or integrated more? Once patterns become clear, we can make copy and graphic design choices based on real facts. In some cases, a content audit will reveal that users have never accessed entire sections of the website or even bothered to read a particular blog. Perhaps your target audience didnt need that content. On the other hand, maybe they cant find it, it wasnt promoted well enough or it was published on Christmas day and no one saw it. 7. What an Audit Gets You: Inbound leads. This is done by building awareness of a problemand aligning this problem with products or services that can help,while at the same time making a buyer aware of your companyand how it can help resolve each of these issues. Speeds up the buying process and increases the conversion ratesbetween each stage of it. Targeted content helps each buyerthrough each stage of their buying journey and ensures that theyhave learned the key factors about your product that resolves theirproblem. A tool that tells us which pieces of content should be sharedwith specific buyers at a given point in the buying journey. Thisincreases the effectiveness of online marketing and creates anaudit trail to determine if different pieces of content are not veryeffective in the process. 8. Accountability & DirectionTheres really not a better way to show all the companyowners the scope of a marketing problem than with acontent audit. The audit itself creates accountability and factbased understanding to be sure, but it also provides a springboard for new campaign direction.The content audit helps us develop a plan to move forward,and give everyone an idea about how much time, money,and effort a complete content strategy is going to require. Without it, everyone is just guessing.