Computer assisted language learning(call)

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My group presentation on ICT Class @ UHAMKA

Text of Computer assisted language learning(call)

  • 1. CONTENTS:CALLRoles of computerIssues regardingCAL:learning involving theutilization of theAdvantages of CALLinteractive computerDisadvantages of system CALL : CAL implemented toFactors of .language and primarilyThank You directed to provide alanguage learningtutorial program

2. CONTENTS:CALLRoles of computer as more interactive tool compared with otherIssues regardingmedia as media for facilitating people in learningAdvantages of CALL (teachers students)Disadvantages ofComputers and LanguageLearningFactors of .Theoritical perspective:Seven The computer can be utilized to enhance language learning , and also be used to generate examples to illustrate certain operations or to stimulate conversation ( Kenny, 1984) 3. CONTENTS:CALLRoles of computer Grammar Translation MethodIssues regarding The Direct MethodAdvantages of CALL Audio-Lingual Method The Silent WayDisadvantages of SuggestopediaFactors of . Community Language Learning The Total Physical ResponseSeven Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) 4. CONTENTS:CALLRoles of computer - Developing reading habitIssues regarding - Offering flexibility of timeAdvantages of CALL - Offering freedom for usersDisadvantages of to choose any topicFactors of .interest to them - Accommodate differentSevenspeeds of learning 5. CONTENTS:CALLRoles of computer -Too much time reading a text onIssues regardingthe screen can cause eye irritation and painAdvantages of CALL - Needs to provide lots of fundsDisadvantages offor purchasing the equipment, design program and maintenanceFactors of .Seven 6. CONTENTS:CALLRoles of computer StudentsIssues regardingenvironmentAdvantages of CALLBrainwareDisadvantages ofDesign and CALL Hardware MaintenanceFactors of .Thank You Software 7. CONTENTS:CALLRoles of computerIssues regardingAdvantages of CALLDisadvantages ofFactors of .THANK YOU


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